June 18, 2021


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2 new updates Apple will be rolling out real soon

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After the latest updates and product launch at the Apple Spring event 2021, the company is all set out with two more announcements real soon.

What is Apple’s surprise?

The company is all set to launch a new Hi-Fi tier to its Apple Music this year. Apple could be adding a new Hi-Fi tier to its Music application, offering high-resolution music streaming to better compete with Spotify. Sources close to Hits Daily Double claim the announcement will be made within weeks. This means the new “Hi-Fi” tier will bring CD-quality, lossless audio to iPhones and iPads.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but the new Music HiFi will reportedly cost $9.99 per user, the same as its individual plans. Essentially, Apple Music HiFi will provide a high-quality music experience to listeners.
This move is primarily aimed to capture the market being already occupied by the biggest music app of the world ‘Spotify’ Spotify is currently providing Hi-Fi audio to its users worldwide but the feature isn’t available in India yet. Apart from Spotify this service is also being provided by Amazon and a few others.

AirPods 3 launch around the corner

The same report suggests Apple is closer to reveal the third-generation AirPods. We have been hearing about AirPods 3 for quite sometime, which are expected to feature the design of the AirPods Pro without the noise-canceling technology. They may have a shorter stem, interchangeable tips, and a smaller charging case than the AirPods Pro. It’s not clear if the new entry-level AirPods would have spatial audio and transparency mode.

Apple hasn’t officially announced any specific launch date or event to mark the debut of the AirPods 3. Expect the AirPods 3 to cost $159, the same price as the current AirPods.

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