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Apple AR Glasses: Looking for more clarity

by Amal Varghese

It has been years since Apple was developing their augmented reality based Apple AR Glasses. With all the speculations and its patenting back in 2015, has finally brought some good news. If the predictions are to be believed Apple AR Glasses would probably be announced this year itself.

Adding to it, Apple is showing a very extended interest into Artificial Intelligence, and as of now a lot of informations have leaked ahead of this Apple’s futuristic device. According to FRONT PAGE TECH, Jon Prosser claims he’s seen videos of a prototype from an Apple representative. Though none of these informations have been confirmed by Apple Inc, the rumours seems to be believable.

Add to it, a concept image was rendered by Concept Creator and initially shared by EverythingApplePro.

Apple AR Glasses: Design

As of the update, it seems that the Apple AR Glasses would not look anything extraordinary, it may be appear to be similar to any other ordinary spectacles. Unlike its competitors, Google Glasses or Microsoft Holo Glasses, which are bulky headsets in nature, Apple on the other hand has opted a sleek design. Even while maintaining its simple nature, Apple AR glasses follow a stylistic essence.

According to Jon Prosser, the model he saw was a prototype in white and black plastic finishes which is expected to change into a light aluminium material in the future.

Apple AR Glasses
Concept Render of Apple Glasses

The major technological updating by Apple is to totally avoid in-built camera system. Yes, you heard us, cameras aren’t expected on the first-gen Apple AR Glasses which due to the sources is because of privacy concern. A persistent camera at eye level may unknowingly record everything around it, which can intimidate public and breach their privacy. But, it is still unclear, if Apple may chose to include cameras in the future-gen.

What then?

Apple is known to make some of the best technological leaps in hardware, like their rumoured A14 Bionic chipset which would be the first 5nm chipset and their ARM-based MacBook Processors. Similarly Apple has also employed a new AR technology known as LIDAR, first introduced on Apple iPad 2020.

A LiDAR sensor will be placed on the right temple. LiDAR is a depth sensor, that helps the augmented reality layer map to real life objects. The data processed by this sensor will help the Apple AR glasses to record real world geography around it.

Apple AR Glasses LiDAR
LiDAR Technology on Apple AR Glasses


As it seems, Apple may not consider any fancy name like an iGlass or Smart Glasses or anything like that. Here, Apple is preferring to keep it simple, it will be known as Apple Glasses, which may sound similar to its competitor Google Glasses. But Apple has not acknowledged any of it, so we will have to wait.

Other features

It is also said that the Apple AR Glasses might have wireless charging feature enabled, the device should be kept upside down to charge. This feature is not yet confirmed even by the current source.

The glasses will not have an output audio, it will completely rely on Apple AirPods which is an essential part of the Apple ecosystem.

The ecosystem doesn’t end here, most of the data input on the Apple Glasses might be processed on an iPhone, the iPhone 12 is said to have the capability to produce a short WiFi range to keep in contact with the Apple Glasses. This is a similar strategy that we had seen on Apple Smart Watches.

User Interface and Glasses

This is where things get more tricky, Apple is not accounting the traditional projected lens like the Google Glasses, rather is using a display embedded on the lens itself. Thus making the display only visible to the wearer and not anyone outside. No much details are available about this Glass UI.


Apple products don’t come cheap, but surprisingly the rumours state that the device might cost around 499$ (approximately 38,000 Rs in India). This is a very appealing price for such a groundbreaking device. Price has probably kept low for they have primarily focused on the most challenging iPhone 12 series.

Release date

As of now, no official release date or confirmation has been made by Apple Inc., but the regular Apple September launch is the focus, which has already been shifted to October due to the COVID-19 outspread. However, it’s entirely possible we won’t see them until March or June 2021. The product won’t hit shelves until Q4 2021 – Q1 2022.


The status of this manufacturing is also in a challenging situation considering the fact that Apple was enlisted in China’s unreliable entity list.

The earlier concept of Apple was to bring smart glasses as a complete replacement for mobile phones in the near future. It is a futuristic dream that Apple has in mind and very unlikely in the current situation but not something that can be completely neglected. This is because of Apple’s dream of replacing MacBook with iPad, which has somewhat become a reality. It is not entirely possible as of 2020, but who knows?

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