Apple’s shift from China to India may not be a success

Recently, the U.S. President Donald Trump threatened that new taxes will be implemented on companies like Apple. In an interview, Trump added that the taxation was to discourage the American companies like Apple from moving their manufacturing bases from China to India or Ireland, and rather focus on America itself amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

He added, “If they do, you know, we gave Apple a little bit of a break because they’re competing with a company that was a part of a trade deal that we made. So it was a little unfair to Apple, but we’re not allowing this anymore. You know if we wanted to put our own border like other countries do to us, Apple would build 100% of their products in the United States. That’s the way it would work.”

According to the New York post, earlier this month, Apple was planning to relocate a significant percentage of their manufacturing from China to India. This however was disrupted by the corona breakout that affected both the countries.

As of now the state of relocating or any tax details have made official, we would hear soon from one of the parties. This would further trouble Apple since they may be stated as an unreliable entity by the Chinese Government.

Amal Varghese

A lecturer by profession and an admirer of transitions. I love the way the technological world revolves around me from the introduction of an earpiece to the computing device in a space shuttle, every tiny detail amuses me. I try to put my fascination to words for all the fanatics of this evolution who are ironically hooked to its benefits anyway. Proud to be a part of this generation who saw a tape-recording cassette with 5 songs and a cloud streaming service with a zillion songs inside your pocket.

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