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How To Promote Your Blog: 7 Amazing Strategies

by Mebin Varghese

How to promote your blog?

Let me ask you, why do you even want to promote your blog? Just write a high quality killer content, and your blog will be rushed with your audience. Right ?

Well, the answer is a HUGE NO

Once it comes to blogging, writing high quality content is just half the tussle. Advertising your latest posts should take up the significant amount of time and for that, you need to find lots of areas to promote your blog and bring in your target audience.

Many people believe that the production of content will be around 20 percent of your blogging activities, with the majority of your time spent on promotional and other admin tasks.

Keep in mind that promoting your latest blog is not a one-off deal. To keep these posts in circulation, you must regularly promote new and old blog posts.

As a marketer it’s not easy to promote your blog and drive traffic to your site. Often it may sound like you are talking into a vacuum.

We all have been there.

However, there are about 5 billion active internet users in this time. Getting blog traffic is all about marketing your content at the right place and the right time for the right people.

So, How to promote your blog? You will need to diversify your blog promotion strategy to start, so you can get traffic from multiple directions.

You can get traffic generated through aggregators of content, social media posts, online communities, or collaborative sharing sites.

Below mentioned are the top blog promotion sites that you can use to promote your blog, and thereby generate traffic and conversions. I hope this answers your question on How to promote your blog.

Blog Promotion Websites

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook Groups
  4. Pinterest
  5. Flipboard
  6. Medium
  7. Pocket

1. YouTube

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How to promote your blog on Youtube and get traffic?

You may need to reconfigure your content to the chosen blog sharing site while promoting your blog posts.
You may repurpose written blog posts, for example, into videos to share on YouTube. Repurposing your content through various channels helps drive traffic to your site and increases brand awareness.

Braden Becker, a senior SEO strategist at HubSpot, says, “Five billion YouTube videos are viewed around the globe each day, and they’re not only viewed — they’re being consumed. Omnicore estimates that the average YouTube session of every single audience is around 40 minutes, up 50 per cent from the previous year.”

That’s why YouTube is a perfect place to promote your blog for free.

2. Instagram

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So the question is, How to promote your blog on Instagram ?

Instagram is another social media platform which you can use to promote your blog. This web site has more than one billion users per month.
If you’re promoting an Instagram blog, you might consider using the feature Instagram Stories. When you have 10,000 followers on your Instagram Stories you will have a swipe-up link to your blogs.

If you don’t have that many followers, that’s all right. You can still share and promote your blog posts through your posts on the feed or stories in your bio.

3. Facebook Groups

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You do not have to do a course on How to promote your blog on Facebook Groups, right?

Even though everyone knows you need to be on Facebook, is anyone aware that using Facebook Groups is one of the best ways to meet users?
In reality, 1.4 billion people make use of Facebook Groups and Facebook has more than 10 million groups.

If you’ve built a loyal community and audience, you might consider setting up a Facebook group. You can promote your blog (latest) posts and talk about them in your communities.

When you don’t have your own Facebook Group, you can join groups in the niche.  If it’s useful, you should promote your blogs in those communities. So according to me, the best answer for the question, How to promote your blog? is Facebook Group.

4. Pinterest

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As we know, one of the top places you should be promoting your blog posts is the social media. Pinterest is a perfect starting-point.

Bloggers might wonder, there are only images on Pinterest, How to promote your blog on this site ?
Why wouldn’t advertisers want to be at the forum with over 250 million users on Pinterest? Not to mention 90 percent of consumers say they look to the network’s content to make purchasing decisions.

You can promote your blogs on Pinterest, build a community and drive traffic to your site. It’s a great place to post your blogs, because users can click-through to live links.

To make your posts discoverable, you can use hashtags and keywords, and then you can engage with other online accounts to build your own.

5. Flipboard

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Before answering your question on How to promote your blog on Flipboard, let me tell you what this platform is about. You’ll get the answer instantly.

Flipboard is a web aggregator platform that helps users to read multiple types of content in one place.
You can add your site as a publisher, and start posting your blogs.
Flipboarding your blogs can help new readers discover their content. Readers will be redirected to your site when a blog is posted, which helps to generate traffic to your blog posts.

6. Medium

how to promote your blog, promote your blog,, medium image, medium logo,

Medium is an online blogging site where the posts can be written. It is one of the most popular blog sites as the site has almost 100 million visitors a month.
Medium is usually used for information around ‘Thought Leadership’. Numerous freelance authors also publish their blogs on this site.

So how to promote your blog here?
You should cross-publish your blogs on this site if you want to share your posts, without damaging your SEO.

Your blog would need to follow the requirements of Medium, so if it does, it will be curated and promoted on the Medium home page.

Make sure you pay attention to the tags in your posts while posting a blog on Medium. Since users may want to follow tags, this will help discover your article.
On this platform, users also share and recommend posts. Hopefully users will continue engaging with the content and pull even more users into it.

7. Pocket

Pocket,, how to promote your blog,

Pocket is a shared bookmarking platform where users can save posts, photos, or stories from any webpage or publication.

Again – How to promote your blog on Pocket ?
Just say, for an example, If a user reads your blog, a Pocket button can be pressed to add it to their folder. This is a perfect way to continue to attract traffic to your blogs.
Let’s say a guest on your site, for instance, likes the material and wants to come back to it later. Perhaps your blog is about the YouTube SEO and any time you post a video, they want to use it as a checklist.

We will do the same for Pocket. Moreover, this allows them to share the material with others. This is why you should talk about adding a Pocket button to your blog.

These were just 7 answers on How to promote your blog. I’ve got plenty of more options, and will upload more posts for you. Hope you liked the content. I bet you can now be a small time blog promoter 😉 Because if anyone asks you How to promote your blog, you can just show him this article, or help him/her promote their blog.

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Ticklast-Emediong June 2, 2020 - 5:26 pm

you are really saying the right thing on blog promotion. I myself have being using this blog strategy for sometimes now. Do you know what? It work like magic. I get 70% of my blog traffic from social media. And that’s a sure proof that it works.

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