June 16, 2021


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Netflix Could Launch ‘N-Plus’ Subscription Service That Offers Amazing Insider Access to TV Shows, Podcasts and Lot More

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N-Plus Subscription is a “future online room where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and everything related to them,” according to Netflix.
N-Plus Subscription, Netflix

Netflix can launch a premium ‘N-Plus’ subscription service that includes podcasts, custom TV show playlists, and behind-the-scenes material. According to reports, the streaming platform sent out a survey to a few of its customers, explaining why the company was looking into this and gauging their interest. N-Plus subscribers will likely help influence the production of a pre-planned show, provide input, and help Netflix determine the course of action before they commit to production costs, in addition to access to some exclusive content and personalized playlists.

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Biz Carson, a Protocol reporter, was one of the few people who received Netflix’s N-Plus survey. The service is described as a “future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and everything related to them,” according to the article. Podcasts, user-generated playlists, how-tos, behind-the-scenes, and other types of content are reportedly included.

Members of N-Plus will be able to develop and share custom playlists that they can add to over time. Users were also asked how they felt about being able to listen to music from a TV show and make playlists from it. N-Plus participants, as previously stated, would almost certainly have an effect on the production of television shows. Members of the subscription service will be able to learn about “an upcoming show (pre-production) and influence its progress with input before filming is completed.” Additional features, according to the survey, may provide TV show feedback from users with similar interests. By the way, Did You Know that Your smartphone is more powerful than a supercomputer?

Netflix is famous for testing a lot of features that don’t always make it to the market, so it’s difficult to tell what will happen to N-Plus Subscription. According to the paper, a Netflix spokesperson said the survey was part of the company’s daily efforts to poll its audience on topics it was researching, but that the company didn’t have anything else to say at this time.

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