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NVIDIA’s Ampere Lineup with the RTX 3070/3080/3080 Ti. Significantly More Faster than the Current Top Tier GPU’s

by Robin Sunny

With the rumours floating around Nvidia’s next gen GPU with it’s brand spanking new architecture Ampere, along with news of the alleged fact that NVIDIA has been discussing Ampere and the RTX 3000 series cards with it’s AIB partners, there are quite a few tid-bits that might be amazing to see if its true.

GeForce RTX 3000 Series

The 3000 series will have “HUGE” performance improvements in Ray Tracing due to its newer Ampere architecture which gives it faster ray tracing than the older Turing architecture, along with being more power efficient. Rasterization will also receive a big upgrade allowing for more realistic looking worlds in games when paired with Ray Tracing.

The GeForce RTX 3000 series card will also have significantly more VRAM than other consumer cards so we might just see:

  • GA102-400 – 24GB
  • GA102-300 – 12GB
  • GA102-200 – 10GB

We might also see an increase in clock speeds compared to the Turing cards in around the range of 100/150-200MHz, while having better power efficiency thanks to Ampere and its new 7nm process.NVIDIA will be using the 7nm EUV (Extreme ultraviolet lithography) process node for Ampere, something that will deliver NVIDIA some amazing power savings.

But the Intersting part is that NVIDIA has had really great power efficiency since Pascal architecture, and went right into Turing with improved power efficiency and that’s on larger 14nm and 12nm nodes. 7nm gives NVIDIA much more room to play in, joined with the Ampere GPU architecture. Rumor has it the new Ampere GPUs can run at under 1.0v which is absolutely huge and could mean for the most power efficient GeForce cards yet.

Although it might be wise to take these rumours/speculations with a grain of salt until we get closer to a time period where we would actually expect a new NVIDIA GPU Arch to release. Many rumours might be inaccurate or contain half-truths.

NVIDIA had been slowly but steadily preparing the launch of their Ampere generation GPUs starting from March 2020 starting with its high-end cards like the A100. While the 3000 series cards might take a while to release (around August or September-ish) on the consumer PC’s thanks to the pandemic.

There have been various graphics card names thrown around for the cards mentioned above, its a speculation that it might fall under these names:

  • GeForce RTX 3090 or RTX Titan
  • GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or 3080 Super
  • GeForce RTX 3080


The prominent “leaker” Rogame (@_rogame) found a private listing on 3DMark, which he claims to have identified as being uploaded by an NVIDIA employee and this is how the card stacks up:

Source: HardwareLeaks

The 6000MHz memory on the ‘Unknown’ NVIDIA is probably due to 3D Mark (the software that was used for this benchmark) not having no data on the type of memory. With the cards having a 1935MHz clock speed.

Specifications aside, this mystery card blows the stock RTX 2080Ti out of the water performing 31% better than the current top gaming card (although 2080 Ti is not specifically for gaming, it falls between the line of professional/content creation and gaming chores) the exception being EVGA’s overclocked Kingpin card.

This is very impressive even if we consider this as the top-end card, things are looking good for Ampere on the consumer side. We also have to consider that the performance will most probably increase from this point on (assuming this leak is legit) as NVIDIA’s driver team polishes the rough edges.

Possible Design Leak

The leaked image appears to feature the RTX 3080 Founders Edition and its interesting fan design. From the photos, it looks like the card will feature two fans and while that’s nothing out of the ordinary, it should be noted that the fans are positioned on the opposite sides of the heat sink.

We don’t know how this will influence airflow just yet but we’re certain that Nvidia has already addressed this and know what they are doing. It does, however, raise the issue of cost as this design definitely costs extra.The accepted speculation sets the price point of this design at around $150 and that definitely adds fuel to the fire of some rumours guessing that the overall price of this next gen card would be even steeper than the previous generation.

What makes these leaks credible is the fact that Nvidia itself announced that it will be making an internal investigation to the nature of those leaks, thereby confirming their validity. It’s said that these images got leaked before even product and sales managers got to see them.

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