One Plus Nord starting at 24,999, The most awaited One Plus launch

After teasing the people for almost a month about its launch. One Plus officially announced their mid-range device One Plus Nord yesterday through an online release. Though most of the features of the phone had been leaked earlier and some hints given y One Plus itself finally the cover was taken over from the price tag.

How much will the One Plus Nord be costing?

The One Plus Nord will be available in three variants which gives a lot of options to the buyers. The device will be having three variants of 6GG, 8GB and 128GB RAM. The 6GB/64GB variant will be priced at 24,999. 8GB/128GB will be priced at 27,999 and 12GB/265GB at 29,999. The phones will be available through Amazon’s pre booking from August 4 as well as the company’s official website. Everyone can get their hands on to it by the month of September. 

One Plus Nord

One Plus Nord: Features

To start with the heart of the device Nord is packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon’s 765G as its processor. The screen size is again large at 6.44 inches. The display is OLED-1080p. Unlike the flagship 8 series of One Plus the display is not curved for Nord but that is compensated by the large screen size.

Most important aspect of the display is that it is powered by 90Hz refresh rate which is kind of a big deal as currently the mid-range phone sections are still stuck on 60Hz refresh rate. Now the back body of Nord doesn’t feel as premium as the back body of One Plus 8 may feel in hand, but that doesn’t change the very day to da experience of the device a lot.  

The feature that One Plus Nord was most concerned about in this phone was about the camera. The company wanted to bring a high-end camera in the hands of people in the mid-range segment and with Nord, they have been able to achieve that goal. On the back of Nord, you’ll will find 4 camera’s which is technically one more camera than the 8 series. Nord has 48 MP main camera, 8 MP ultrawide angle camera, 2 MP macro camera and 5 MP depth sensor. The primary front facing 48MP camera of Nord is exactly the same which is being used in One Plus 8 with the Sony IMX586 sensor.

The front camera set up of the phone if quite impressive as it having dual camera at the front for selfies. One is 8 MP and the other is 32 MP with the 8 MP being the ultrawide camera with a large covering angle which will be perfect for large group selfies.

Camera vs the Processor

The important question which needs to answered here is that now Nord and One Plus 8 having the same primary rear camera would the pictures clicked in Nord would be same like its senior? The answer to this question is no that won’t be the case and the reason for that being the lesser powerful 765G processor at the core of Nord. The image quality of photos is not just based on the hardware but also the software of the device and being run on a slightly lesser powerful processor the images clicked in the Nord will be less crispy than 8. 

Overall taking a review of the product in its entirety, the One Plus Nord is a perfect mid-range phone currently available as compared to its competitors. The device does compromise of a few things but for a daily regular use these notched down features will not be impacting your day to day regular use of the phone in any way. We will have to wait an see how this could make any difference.

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