June 18, 2021


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Realme Watch 2 with a bigger battery and more sport modes

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Realme Watch 2 Device
Credits: RealMe

Realme launched its first smartwatch last year, but it wasn’t a stellar debut. Now, the Realme is hoping to improve with the Realme Watch 2.

First spotted in January passing through the FCC, the Realme Watch 2 looks almost identical to the original Realme Watch. This includes the rectangular 1.4-inch 240 x 240 LCD and primary button placement.

The body’s a little heavier at 38 grams, but it now includes a 315mAh battery — a notable upgrade over the original Watch’s 160mAh cell. The new battery is reportedly good for around 12 days between magnetic charger top-ups. The Watch 2’s body also features an IP68 rating; good news for swimmers and those who enjoy jogs in downpours.

Fitness tracking — a major sore point on the previous device — seemingly gains some improvements on the Watch 2. It can now track 90 sports modes up from the original Watch’s 14.

Realme Watch 2  Sports Mode
Credits: RealMe

It also arrives with sleep tracking smarts, an SpO2 monitor, and a heart-rate monitor.

The Watch 2 also packs some smartwatch functionality. Music and camera controls and notification support feature, but it’s unclear if the watch will let users reply to messages on the device.

Realme Watch 2: Price and availability

The Realme Watch 2 is launching in Malaysia soon for 229 Malaysian ringgit (~$56). That’s a little cheaper than the original Realme Watch’s 299 Malaysian ringgit (~$73) price tag in the country. This could be good news for other launch markets, too.

There’s no word on when the Realme Watch 2 will be available in other regions just yet but expect it to pick a fight with the likes of Xiaomi and Amazfit‘s budget wearables.

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