May 8, 2021


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Samsung to launch it’s first mobile chipset with AMD Graphics

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A recent Notebook Check report cited that Samsung is tentatively planning to launch its first AMD-powered SoC by 2021. Samsung smartphone with Radeon graphics could make a huge leap into the ever competitive smartphone gaming section.

The details about the Samsung-AMD-collaboration is still confidential, but almost a year ago in June 2019, Samsung announced that it is teaming up with the semi-conductor giant AMD for multi-year strategy.

This might be Samsung’s idea of putting things right from their early Exynos flaws. As a part of this new team-up, the company has apparently brought an RDNA-based Radeon GPUs for smartphones.

To further add, the recent report states that this early version of GPU was benchmarked and results are quite surprising. According to the recent update surfacing over the South Korean community CLIEN, the AMD GPU is competing with the upcoming A14 Bionic GPU. It is a known fact that the Apple smartphone GPUs are superior to any of its competitors. Hence the AMD GPU has at least surpassed the Qualcomm Adreno 650 GPU by a great margin. This looks like a very promising prospect to Samsung.

Samsung was generally compromised in its SoC section, the Exynos was criticised by all the tech reviewers for its incompetent performance. Now if things workout positively we may get to see Samsung’s first gaming oriented smartphone.

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