Sony will hold a PS5 event on September 16th


Sony Announced a special PS 5 (PlayStation 5) event on coming Wednesday. Sony will broadcast a 40-minute “digital showcase” on 16 Sept 2020 that will include new updates from first-party Sony game studios with third-party partners. The company is pitching the event as “one more look at some of the great games coming to PlayStation 5 at it’s release (and beyond!)” before the console launches.

We’ll get a release date and price for the PlayStation 5 on Wednesday. Initially, Microsoft was planning to announce Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X release plans and pricing next week, before the Series S price gets leaked as $299. Sony opened up early registration for PS5 preorders last month, but a date for official preorders or pricing and release date information hasn’t been shared yet by officials.

It looks increasingly likely that Sony will announce the price of the PS5 (PlayStation 5) on Wednesday, especially given that Microsoft is starting Xbox preorders on September 22nd. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console costs you $499, but Sony has two prices to provide for both its disc-less digital edition PS5 and the Normal PS5. We could be about to witness some competitive next-gen pricing, especially given Microsoft’s Xbox Series S cost you $299

Sony’s PlayStation 5 event will be held on Wednesday at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT. Stay tuned to Dos2Shell for all the latest PS5 news on Wednesday.

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