June 18, 2021


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The new Whitechapel Pixel 6 rumoured processor can this make a big change?

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The Whitechapel Pixel 6, or the new Google Processor may come with the upcoming Google Pixel 6 device, here’s what we think.

Pixel 5A

The all-new rumoured news is that Google is set to keep their foot into smartphone hardware, perhaps to challenge their greatest mobile rivals like Apple and Samsung, who produce their in-house chipsets or to optimise the google software for their new hardware. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Google is going to ditch the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset series. The new rumoured Whitechapel Pixel 6 Chipset is made with the help of Samsung’s System Large-scale Integration (SLSI) division.

There are definitely some intriguing possibilities for a Google-led mobile application processor.  But however it is very unlikely that the Google in-house processor can actually compete any of the top tier processors like the A14 Bionic or Snapdragon 888.

Google Whitechapel Pixel 6 Chipset is not a competition to Apple’s custom chipsets

This might not be a surprise but a fact that Apple has now made a stronghold with their processors. Their M1, A12X and A14 chipsets have not only beaten the smartphone SoCs but also computing processors like i5, i7 and i9.

Google will be picking most of its parts off the shelf and therefore the bulk of its core processing components will almost certainly arrive in the form of familiar Arm Cortex and Mali components.

We know this because Samsung ditched its Mongoose CPUs and Google doesn’t have a dedicated mobile CPU development team to build a competitive Arm-based core of its own. Although Google has a few chip-design staff onboard, these are spread around the company. Note that Qualcomm recently brought Nuvia to help it build custom-Arm CPUs. Google hasn’t made anything like this size of investment to help catch Apple.

Whitechapel Pixel 6

What exactly is Google trying to accomplish?

The report also claims that in a document, Whitechapel Pixel 6 is used in connection with the codename “Slider”. The same codename has also been found in Google’s camera app. The first phones on the Slider platform will be “Raven” and “Oriole”. One of these codenamed smartphones can be Google Pixel 6. This itself proves that Google might not be particularly focusing on their CPU and GPU department per se, but their image processing capacity.

Pixels are always known for their powerful camera setup and this Pixel 6 should be no different. Internally, the chip has been referred to as “GS101″. GS can also be short for “Google Silicon”. So far, there is no word from Google about the custom-made chips. Also, there are no leaks about Google’s flagship smartphone’s display, design, camera setup and other features. Last year’s Google Pixel 5 was powered by a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

Smartphones have now become more powerful than a 1960s spaceship, well that itself proves that this competition may not end here. It will be interesting to see whether the upcoming Whitechapel Pixel 6 comes equipped with a flagship-equivalent processor or not.


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