May 8, 2021


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The Refresh Rate Phenomenon (2/2)

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In the last segment of this blog talked about the phenomenon and the concept of refresh rate for the new smartphones. This blog would be answering about the important question of

Does it means the higher the refresh rate, the better?

Smartphones now a days are generally in the category of 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate. 120 Hz refresh rate was bought first time in the smartphones in Asus Rog-2, which even today remains a flagship model of Asus.

But does only a higher refresh rate doesn’t mean its better because refresh rate as a phenomenon is not an independent phenomenon but actually a dependent phenomenon which is dependent on a lot of depending factors

  1. Normal human eye
    According to research a normal human eye cannot see things beyong 60Hz or 60 cycles per second. In the human body though the eye does the seeing the information processing is done by the brain obviously. So even if the 120 Hz refresh rate is actually processed by the human brain the possibility of that happening everytime is not very sure.
  1. Display specs
    While buying don’t just go for the higher refresh rate but also have a good detailed look into the display specs like color gamut, contrast, white temperature, and resolution make a bigger difference in the entire experience.
  1. The network speed
    While playing a higher end game even if you’ve a 120Hz refresh rate but your network is too weak to handle the transitions that will mean that you’ll ultimately see things in a lower refresh rate
  1. Regular use
    Definitely a higher refresh rate can enhance your experience while you’re doing some particular things but while using day to day apps like checking your emails, playing online videos will is never affected as mails or calling doesn’t need a refresh rate at all as well as online videos that are surfed are done at a standard playback rate of 24frames per second. Which means you’re 120Hz will not make a difference in playing a video.

So, don’t just run behind numbers but be smart, research all the specs and the numbers and then make a smart decision.

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