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Xiaomi Mi band 5 Review: IS it really better than Mi band 4 ?

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mi band 5, mi band 4, mi band 3, xiaomi
mi band 5, mi band 4, mi band 3, xiaomi

In June 2019, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was introduced, thanks to its colour display and other additions, coming as a major improvement over the Mi Band 3.
Now, there’s Mi Band 5 (or Mi Smart Band 5, as they call it here in India), picking up the baton from their predecessor in this balanced lifestyle marathon. How is it done by Mi Band 5? With the new evolution of its famous fitness tracker lineup, read along as we find out what Xiaomi has brought to the table.

Xiaomi drops a new budget fitness band every year that offers great value for your cash. With every instalment, the company raises the price slightly, but also adds fresh features that boost overall efficiency. It’s no different this year and calls for a better fitness band for the budget. With decreased physical activity and increased tension due to COVID-19 in everyone’s life, if you are willing to give wearable technology a chance to bring a positive change to your lifestyle, a small accessory will prove very useful.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Specifications

Size and weight47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4mmWeightStandard: 11.9gNFC: 12.1g
Wrist bandSilicone
CompatibilityAndroid, iPhone
RAM/Storage512KB RAM, 16MB storage
Display1.1-inch AMOLED ( 126 x 294  px)
450 nits brightness
ConnectivityBluetooth v5 BLE
SensorsPPG Heart rate sensor; IR detection only on NFC variant3-axis accelerometer3-axis gyroscopeBarometerProximity sensor
NFC paymentsYes
Battery125 mAh
Water resistance5ATM or 50m up to 30 minutes in freshwater

Design and Display

While as a headline update, the Mi Band 4 brought along a colour touchscreen, the Mi Band 5 does not try to repair what is not fixed. Xiaomi has just introduced marginal upgrades here, namely with a slightly larger monitor that gets brighter at up to 450 nits (1.1′′ vs 0.95′′). Under bright sunlight, the Mi Band 4 performed decently, and the Mi Band 5 is even better for that reason. In bright sunlight, you will have no trouble reading the show.

On the screen, the ability to set a custom wallpaper on your watch face on the Mi Smart Band 5 appears to be a bigger improvement. Several official watchfaces as well as unofficial watchfaces that could be sideloaded to add in further versatility were supported by the previous Mi Band. You can make a custom watch face from inside the Mi Fit app with the Mi Band 5, allowing you to pick from a few different clock and data templates, then change the wallpaper (if you want it to be, it can even be your own selfie), and change the font colour.

You can also switch watch faces from the Band itself, and some of the preloaded Bandfaces even have changes to what data they can display. Even animated official watch faces are there! Overall, on top of everything offered by the Mi Band 4, there is a lot more customization available, and that is always a positive thing.

mi band 5, mi band 4, mi band 3, xiaomi

Better charger design

But the fact that the wearable now uses a magnetic charging pin is the biggest improvement of all on the Mi Band 5. Gone is the uncomfortable and terrible Band 4 cup-like configuration that did a very poor job of keeping the module in place for the band. You no longer need to detach the band module from the silicone strap with the Mi Band 5, just put the magnetic charger near the charging pin and it will snap into place itself.

This elegantly solves my greatest problem with the predecessor, and just to get the band module to charge, I no longer need to deal with tightly stringing around rubber bands. However, there  is still a USB type-A at the other end of the magnetic charger.

24-Hour Heart-Rate Monitor And 11 Workout Modes

Even while you are sleeping, the built-in heart rate sensor of the Mi Band 5 provides 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring. The band also reveals information about your resting heart rate, which is an significant indicator of cardiopulmonary fitness. For a stable myocardial condition, the lower RHR readings are generally considered stronger. The app displays a graph reported by the band for your resting heart rate readings, given that you have 24-hour monitoring allowed. In addition, manually calculated outcomes, Vo2 max data, and helpful insights such as maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate, and average heart rate can be verified.

The measurements of the heart rate are largely in line with information reported on certain premium fitness trackers and smartwatches. In the Mi Fit app, the ‘My Exercise’ segment offers comprehensive insights into your operations, such as steps taken, activity logs (running, walking, swimming, etc.) and calories burned during the day. Similarly, the sleep data can be checked from the app which covers Deep sleep, Light Sleep, REM, and Awake time.

PAI Score And Stress Monitor

The Mi Band 5 can also calculate the level of stress and ‘Breathing Exercises’ features to help you relax on a busy day. An all-new women’s health monitoring setup has also been added by Xiaomi that tracks the menstrual cycle (ovulation phases) and offers timely reminders. The app uses the combined analysis of the above data (athletic ability and physical data) to give you a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score, which should be 100 and higher as your target to lead a healthier lifestyle. The higher the PAI score, the greater the heart condition and cardiorespiratory health.

Better battery

Depending on your use pattern, the 125 mAh battery cell gives the Mi Band 5 a battery lasting capacity of 11-13 days on one maximum charge cycle , which includes interactions with the use of the computer, brightness level, and sensors. The Mi Band 5 can easily achieve 17-18 days of battery life, which is amazing, if you disable 24-hour heart rate monitoring and allow power saving mode. It takes 2 hours for the magnetic charger to recharge the 125 mAh battery cell, which is too long for such a small battery unit. Before placing it to good use, ensure that you have a good charging window to give the band a full refuel.

mi band 5, mi band 4, mi band 3, xiaomi

The Mi Band 5, priced at Rs. 2,499, is the perfect budget fitness band if you are a  new users or looking for an update on  Mi Band 4.

mi band 5, mi band 4, mi band 3, xiaomi

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