June 16, 2021


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2nm Chips in the Works from TSMC, Expected to Release by 2025

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A few days ago TSMC, one of the leading semiconductor foundry, announced the R&D of a new 2nm chip. The efficiency and performance of a Chipset i.e., your CPU or GPU, depends on how many transistors can be accommodated on a Chipset and the only way to accommodate those transistors is to make the Chipsets bigger or to make the transistors smaller. To put it in perspective how small the new transistor will be, a single strand of human hair is 75,000nm in diameter. So 2nm is just around 10 atoms wide. The current best generation of processors use the 7nm process with 5nm coming soon.

Being in very early stages of development there is not much information besides its existence. This year we might start seeing companies like Intel and AMD start adopting the 7nm and we hope to see the first 5nm chips, so expect to see big improvements in the coming future.

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