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99 Blog Post Ideas Your Audience Will LOVE [Updated]

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Hard to come up with great blog post ideas? Constantly thinking about new topics for the blog post can be a challenging task. So we’ve compiled a list of 99 original blog post ideas you can write about today.

Rather than collecting a list of common blog post suggestions, we thought that sharing some ideas for brainstorming blog post ideas with you would be much more beneficial.

You can think of at least 100 original blog post ideas within the next 40 to 50 minutes – to kickstart your content marketing, just by asking yourself the questions listed below.

Write down those ideas, and you’re going to have blog posting topics, which is more than enough for atleast a month, without ever thinking, “What am I going to write about today? ”.

And the best part about doing this activity is that you’ll never run out of writing ideas. Whenever you are confused, simply go over through this checklist again. You will be amazed at the number of blog post ideas that will start coming up in your mind!

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Since this a long list, I’ve split these blog post ideas into different categories. . .

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Instructional Blog Post Ideas

1 – Can you walk your viewers, step by step, through a procedure?

2 – What are some common questions people would ask when they’re sending you an email?

3 – Which are some questions people should ask you, but aren’t they?

4 – If someone started out in your field, what are the top things that they should know?

5 – Build a list of the top ten things you wish you learned at the outset.

6 – Give speech notes from a demonstration you gave recently.

7 – What are your frequent, monthly and annual aspirations?

8 – What is your branch history?

9 – What valuable experiences you’ve learned over the past year?

10 – What kind of things are you examining to determine the quality in your industry?

11 – What else do you want to learn? Study it, and share your findings.

12 – There are some words which need to be clarified in your industry?

Entertainment Blog Post Ideas

13 – Are there any funny posts or videos you have noticed you should share lately?

14 – Can you share a recent experience on the travel?

15 – Anything that’s special or amusing happened this week at the office?

16 – How did you decide to commence your business?

17 – Which hobbies do you have outside of work?

18 – Create a list of inspiring quotes for your business.

19 – Did you intend to do a video blog?

20 – What would you ask the users? Create a quiz, or survey.

21 – Can I share a story?

22 – Create a report.

23 – Make up a parody.

24 – Is there anything you can share from behind the scenes?

25 – Start a participatory challenge for your audience.

26 – Can I arrange a contest?

Controversial Blog Post Ideas

27 – Is there anything that has just frustrated you? Talk it up.

28 – Write an open letter to someone or to a organization.

29 – Summarize a modern discussion, and give your opinion.

30 – What sort of consumer email do you feel most upset about?

31 – How do the legal activities affect your business in your country?

32 – Make a post about Myth versus Reality.

33 – What do you feel especially passionate about in your industry?

34 – Share a two-man debate in your industry.

35 – Read a blog post which you disagreed with recently? Share your comment.

36 – Do you have any prognoses for your industry ‘s future?

Personal Blog Post Ideas

37 – What was your greatest lifelong success so far?

38 – What are your most epic failures (and how were you coping with them)?

39 – What movies are your favorite?

40 – What is it that makes you happy?

41 – What is your favourite nostalgic memory?

42 – What is a significant lesson you have recently learned?

43 – What would you say about yourself on a younger version?

44 – What really looks like a typical day in your life?

45 – What have you heard from your parents?

46 – What are some things most people don’t understand about you?

47 – What’s your “perfect”-day idea?

48 – If one person could have lunch with you, who would that be?

49 – Have you got an awkward story?

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Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

50 – What is your routine for bedtime?

51 – What podcasts are you listening to?

52 – What stuff you can’t live without?

53 – What are your favorite Channels for YouTube?

54 – What’s in your purse?

55 – What’s your routine on makeup?

56 – Can you share photos of your place of work?

57 – What’s your routine at fitness?

58 – What is your daily routine?

59 – Which books are now on the shelf?

60 – You have a playlist of music which you can share?

61 – How do you unwind after a long day?

Marketing Blog Post Ideas

62 – What distinguishes your company?

63 – What tips can you share on using your product?

64 – Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

65 – Share an update about the product.

66 – Can you put your customers on show, or share a research study?

67 – What distinguishes your firm from its competitors?

68 – Share an update for the client.

69 – What’s your company making imaginative use of?

70 – In the first few weeks of using your product, what would you recommend to your clients to do?

71 – What organizations or charities do you support?

72 – What is the history of your enterprise?

73 – How do you compare your product to other products?

Seasonable Blog Post Ideas

74 – Have you recently read any Twitter posts you thought requires a longer response?

75 – Is there something new (maybe a product) that you can review?

76 – Are any vacations coming up?

77 – Have you seen any good films lately? Share the lessons that you have learnt from this.

78 – Are you attending an event where you can share your sessional highlights?

79 – Survey your audience, and share outcomes.

80 – What are the big developments in your sector?

81 – What is your favorite piece of news from industry that you recently came across?

Roundup Blog Post Ideas

82 – Reading any great quotes recently? Compile quotes to a particular topic.

83 – Can you interview an industry leader, or influencer?

84 – What facts or studies do your customers want? Organize it for them.

85 – Have you envisioned sharing a list of top influencers in your industry to follow?

86 – Which are the most popular posts you wrote? Share your best articles.

87 – Have you ever considered reaching out to multiple experts for their thoughts on a specific topic?

88 – Which are the best blog posts you’ve read recently? Compile them.

Beneficial Blog Post Ideas

89 – Would you over the years change the way you work? If so, then how?

90 – What is an issue your target customer is having? Offer a solution.

91 – Have you come up with a way to save some hours a week?

92 – Can you create a resource article?

93 – If you recruited someone recently, what questions have helped you make your decision the most?

94 – What blogs do you follow? List them.

95 – What important books have you been reading lately?

96 – What kind of work are you trying to do while traveling on an aircraft?

97 – What is it that helps you be creative?

98 – Create a helpful Customer Checklist.

99 – Have you used any new tools or apps that have helped improve your workflow recently?

There you have it, 99 blog post ideas that you can write your articles about.

Thanks for reading this article – I hope you found it helpful.

Just do one thing. . Go through all of these 99 blog post ideas, and ask yourself a question each time, whether you can write anything on this. I can bet, that you’ll be surprised by the number of blog post ideas you’ll come up with.

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