AirDrop’s Clone for Android

It was in the year 2011 that Apple introduced AirDrop, an ad-hoc service that allows transfer of files between Macintosh and iOS devices over WiFi and Bluetooth. Android has finally planned to bring a similar sharing system which would be known as Nearby Sharing (earlier Fast Share). Although there hasn’t been any official announcement or preview about the same, some XDA Developers gave us the first look of Android’s file sharing system.

XDA Developers managed to get Nearby Sharing working on two Pixel phones, the Pixel 2 XL and the Pixel 4. They also managed to try out between Pixel 2XL and One Plus 7T Pro as you may view in the following video-

Based on the Pixel-OnePlus test, XDA Developers believe that Nearby Sharing will be a feature accessible for Android devices as they would have it pre-installed in the Google Play Services. Nonetheless, this won’t be known for sure until Google releases the feature.

It functions just as any other file sharing third party app i.e. after setting the device visibility, the file is quickly transfered from one device to the other.

With Chinese handset companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Realme introducing WiFi and Bluetooth file sharing between them, Android is forced to initiate a similar user experience.

It is necessary for Android to have an AirDrop clone and the idea has already triggered a lot of smartphone manufacturers. This month, Samsung announced that it was planning on launching Quick Share for its devices. Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Realme have already released a cross-device file transfer feature with different names but it connects to all the four manufactured devices. Whereas Android Users are completely dependent upon Android Beam, powered by NFC which has its own hardware specifications. Apps like Files by Google can satisfy this want, but that would be an add-on installation. Other third-party apps like ShareIt can be used at the cost of putting up with tons of advertisements.

As of now, Nearby Sharing is in the pipeline, waiting to be launched. We are yet to see if there are any size limitations or if it will support the earlier versions of Android. Either way, we’ll know more once Google makes Nearby Sharing or Fast Share available.

Amal Varghese

A lecturer by profession and an admirer of transitions. I love the way the technological world revolves around me from the introduction of an earpiece to the computing device in a space shuttle, every tiny detail amuses me. I try to put my fascination to words for all the fanatics of this evolution who are ironically hooked to its benefits anyway. Proud to be a part of this generation who saw a tape-recording cassette with 5 songs and a cloud streaming service with a zillion songs inside your pocket.

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