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Perfect time to switch from Android to Apple

by Akshay Ugale

With the Apple watch SE being introduced into the Indian Markets in the last week along with Apple introducing the iPhone SE long back for the medium price range category for the Indian market marks an important change in the market.


Apple Price Range

Before anything let us clear the sir around the price range of both these products. iPhone SE ranges from Rs.37,900-43,900 where as the Apple Watch SE ranges from Rs 29,900-36,900. The iPhone SE is the one affordable model that you can switch to if you ant to be an iOS user. Looking at the new SE price details you cannot exactly categorise it into the affordable section of the market but you can consider that this is the most affordable Apple device you can get your hands on. 

iPhone SE and Apple Watch

The new iPhone SE is powered with the latest A13 Bionic processor and iOS 13 so if you have a look at the engine of this phone, I can assure you that the engine is really top notch and above the android efficiency level in general. Not only this but the new SE comes with an assured iOS update for coming years to come. The few lacunae in the device are a smaller screen size of 4.7 inches and a really weak battery life. Coming to the part of camera this SE comes up with a single rear camera and build wise if we talk the SE is similar to the iPhone 8 which is slim and sleek. 

So now the real question is the time right to jump the ship from android to iOS for your technological profile? The answer would be a firm yes and the reasons being multiple behind it. The first and the most important reason being the iOS interface, useability and features. The Apple watch SE is actually a notch down if you compare it with the latest series 6 watches. It doesn’t have the features of checking your electrocardiogram and the blood oxygen levels but otherwise if you compare the Apple watch SE with the android competitors of Samsung and rest. 

So definitely the answer to the question of making the switch is a big yes and another thing which you will never forget is that once you jump on the Apple ship there is no way you are hopping to another ship ever again

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