June 16, 2021


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Android’s Nearby Share now works on Windows

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Nearby Share for Android now works on Windows through Google Chrome

nearby share, near by share,android nearby share
Image Credit: androidauthority.com

Google’s counterpart to Apple’s AirDrop sharing function, called Nearby Share, began rolling out late last month to some users in a beta for Google Play Services. Soon afterwards, Google started rolling out updates for Nearby Sharing to Chrome OS, allowing Chromebook users to start exchanging files with nearby devices by activating a few modified flags. Now, according to a recent Techdows post, Nearby Share is rolling in on the Chrome Dev and Canary channels to Google Chrome on Windows.

To use the new Nearby Sharing feature, you’ll need to go over to chrome:// flags first and activate the “Nearby Sharing” flag. When you have activated the flag, you will need to restart the browser and then move to chrome ://nearby.  This page will list the compatible devices with which you can share files.

nearby share, near by share,android nearby share
Image Credit: 9to5google.com

However, for the feature to function as expected, there are a few specifications that you need to meet. Second, you’ll need a Bluetooth-support Windows Desktop and a compatible Pixel smartphone or Chromebook. Furthermore, all devices with Bluetooth enabled must be activated and next to each other. Finally, if you’re checking the function with a Chromebook, the Chromebook should have Nearby Sharing functionality allowed in the Quick Settings.

nearby share, near by share,android nearby share
Image Credit: xdadevelopers.com

Chrome also allows pages to be shared via QR Code, there’s no question that this feature goes beyond that and makes file sharing between Chrome devices easier.

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