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Apple’s Climate Roadmap to achieve 100% carbon neutrality is absolutely brilliant!

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Apple’s Climate Roadmap

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Apple : Apple’s technology giant committed to 100 per cent carbon neutrality by 2030! Smartphone manufacturing giant Apple revealed on Tuesday in a great initiative that it has committed to being 100 percent carbon neutral in its entire sector, manufacturing the supply chain as well as its product life cycle for the next 10 years, and also unveiled the Apple’s Climate Roadmap to bring this commitment to fruition. Apple said in a statement that the company is now carbon-neutral in its global business activities, and the pledge the giant has made now translates into the expectation that by 2030 every single product sold by Apple will have a net zero impact on the environment, and this Apple’s Climate Roadmap will be strictly followed.

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Apple's climate roadmap
The Montague wind farm in Oregon is one of Apple’s largest projects at 200 megawatts and powers Apple’s Prineville data centre. (Image: Apple.com)

Apple CEO Tim Cook said companies now have a tremendous opportunity to help create a more prosperous future. He added that creativity driving the environmental revolution has not only benefited the world but also helped to make their goods more energy-efficient, along with bringing new renewable energy sources online globally. He also expressed hope that progress for a sustainable future will bring opportunities for creativity, job development and sustainable economic growth. He also hoped that the company could be a catalyst for wider change with Apple’s Climate Roadmap.

The company had released specifics of the strategy it aims to pursue to achieve carbon neutrality, aiming to provide a roadmap for other businesses as well as because Apple said industries are already looking to reduce their effects on climate change and named it Apple’s Climate Roadmap. Apple laid out its intention to reduce carbon emissions by 75 percent over the next 10 years in its 2020 Environmental Action Report, while supplementing that with creative pollution reduction strategies to tackle the remaining 25 percent of its carbon footprint.

As a part of Apple’s Climate Roadmap, they’re is setting up an Impact Accelerator to help these programs and beyond, which will concentrate on investing in minority-owned companies that achieve positive results in its supply chain and in neighborhoods that are disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards. This accelerator is part of the $100 million Social Equity and Justice Initiative recently announced by Apple, focusing on initiatives to improve education, economic inclusion, and reform of criminal justice.

Apple's Climate Roadmap
Through a first-of-its-kind investment fund, Apple and 10 of its suppliers in China are investing nearly $300 million to develop projects totalling 1 gigawatt of renewable energy. (Image : Apple.com)

Apple’s Climate Roadmap

In Apple’s Climate Roadmap, Apple has included the following measures:

Low carbon product design : Apple, in its announcement, said it will continue its initiative to use low-carbon and recycled materials in its products and actually increase such consumption, apart from further innovating in product recycling and designing its products to make them as energy efficient as it can. It also clarified that its material recovery van is focused on advanced electronics recycling techniques in Austin , Texas, and it has now collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University to pursue more engineering solutions. Besides that, it also explained that all the iPads, iPhones, Mac and Apple Watches released over the past year were made from recycled material.

It also included the iPhone Taptic Engine, which was made of rare Earth parts 100 percent recycled, which had been a first for any smartphone maker. The statement added that in 2019 , the company has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 4.3 million metric tons through these kinds of technologies and over the past 11 years , the company has managed to reduce by 73 per cent the total energy available for product use.

Expanding energy efficiency : According to Apple’s Climate Roadmap, Apple will decide new methods of minimizing energy usage at its corporate facilities and also help the supply chain make the same transition. It added that the US-China Green Fund will spend $100 million for suppliers of the company via a new collaboration with Apple in accelerated energy-efficiency projects. This also reported that the company invested in energy efficiency improvements in 2019, which affected 6.4 million square feet of current as well as new buildings and saved the company $27 million by reducing electricity needs by almost 20 per cent.

Renewable energy : In addition to using clean energy to fuel the entire supply chain, the company will aim to operate at 100 percent renewable energy and will also concentrate on launching new ventures. It said it had obtained commitments from more than 70 suppliers to use 100 per cent of renewable energy to carry out Apple production, which it said amounted to almost 8 gigawatts of commitments to carry out Apple devices production. When done, this will result in the industry reducing more than 14.3 million tons of carbon emissions a year that the company claimed would have the same impact as taking more than 3 million cars off the road per year.

Process and material innovation : Apple will also be taking advantage of technical advances in the processes and materials needed for its goods. Some of which is the funding of Apple to create the first carbon-free smelting method of aluminum, the company said. The company also announced on Tuesday that it is currently using the first batch of this low-carbon aluminum to complement its 16-inch MacBook Pro in production.

Carbon removal : The organization has also confirmed that as a part of the Apple’s Climate Roadmap, it is investing globally in reforestation and other natural solutions to extract emissions from the atmosphere. It took the opportunity to launch the first-of-its-kind carbon solutions fund to invest in the regeneration as well as forest conservation and natural habitats around the world.

Apple's Climate Roadmap
Over 80 percent of the renewable energy that Apple sources comes from projects that Apple created. (Image: Apple.com)

Apple is partnering with governments , companies, NGOs and customers around the world to promote policies that improve environmental security and the transition to renewable energy, which the company sees as a critical component of global action on climate change. Apple’s Climate Roadmap and its complete plan and how it measures its carbon footprint can be found in its 2020 Environmental Progress Report at apple.com/environment. Progress on its supplier commitments can be found at apple.com/environment/pdf/Apple_Supplier_Clean_Energy_Program_Update_2020.pdf

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