Home Review Bluehost Review (2020) – Is This Popular Web Hosting Really Good?

Bluehost Review (2020) – Is This Popular Web Hosting Really Good?

by Mebin Varghese

Bluehost Review

THE BEST WEB HOSTING IN 2020 according to me, is Bluehost Web Hosting. I’m telling this on the basis of my experience, and a deep research on a few top web hosting companies. I can tell you that, Bluehost is RELIABLE, FAST, SAFE, and has one of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

This Bluehost analysis relies heavily on data, as well as the overall experience with its hosting and customer service features.

        In the fewest possible words, all Bluehost plans provide live chat support, unmetered bandwidth, five accounts, and the customer service is provided 24/7. They also give a free domain to their new users for the first year. Their plans start at $3.95 per month and include enhanced protection, backups and free SSL certificates. These assist in keeping your blog or website safe and stable.

With the survey taken from six different people using the Bluehost hosting, I’ve prepared a short Blue host review, in the form of pros and cons.

Bluehost review: Pros of using Bluehost hosting.

  • Average Uptime being 99.99% throughout the year.

    Uptime is one of the most important things when selecting a web host – after all, if your site is down, it’s not available to your customers. Therefore good uptime should be one of your top goals consistently.

  • Website Load Speed of 405ms.

    After uptime, loading times for your host page is the second most important factor that can literally make or break the success of your web.

  • Introductory price of $3.95 is worth it.

    You get pretty much everything you need for a single web site for that amount. This includes capacity of 50 GB of SSD, unmetric bandwidth, free SSL certificate, plus their page loading speeds and consistent uptime.

  • Good options for the security of the website.

    While Bluehost is one of the “cheaper” choices on the market, we were pleased to see that they were not skimping or cutting too many corners on the important features such as safety. They have a good security option by default.

  • Wordpress recommends Bluehost.

    WordPress is the most used tool on the market for websites. And they ”officially” suggest only three hosting partners to use on a WordPress platform. And Bluehost is one of them.

  • Good for beginners too.

    The layout of the control panel (cPanel) supported by Bluehost makes it simple to use. For most situations you just need to point and click. This also has features for intermediate users but WordPress can be quickly enabled and launched by beginners too.

Bluehost review: Cons of using Bluehost hosting.

  • Renewal rates maybe high (Common for all hosting brands)

    The easiest way to get the lowest possible hosting cost is by paying up front for one, two, or even three years. However, the rates will jump back up to their “Standard” levels at the end of the period. These range from $7.99 – $8.99/month to the most simple shared plan depending on how long you’re going to prepay.

  • Site migrations are chargeable.

    The majority of web hosts that we have checked will switch your current website to their service for free. They see it as a friendly service that helps bring joy to new clients, so they waive any fees. Bluehost sadly does not do free migrations. They charge almost $150. Although this is a one time fee, which allows 5 migrations, we still consider it as a Con, just because of the amount they charge.

So, would we recommend Bluehost?


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Did you ever use Bluehost before? Please indicate leaving a comment below — positive or poor — as long as it is beneficial to our guests, it does not really matter. Thank you for the support.

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