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7 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes (How To Fix Them)

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Are you finding it hard to get the results your blog wants, because you’re making some mistakes, but you don’t realize what those dangerous blogging mistakes are?

Blogging can be difficult and you want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing.

Carefully read this report to see how you can enhance your blogging so you get the results you want, by avoiding these dangerous blogging mistakes.

Here are some Dangerous Blogging Mistakes

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Mistake #1 – Not understanding the target audiences

Bloggers make the most dangerous mistakes by ignoring who their target is. I see many bloggers clearly understand the subject, but don’t connect with their posts to their audience.

Bloggers need to consider the challenges their audience is facing, and what the audience already knows about the subject to produce articles that provide valuable information.

Otherwise the articles contain the incorrect information or omit the correct information, rendering it too complicated or too simple. Or, the posts fail to explain the problem being solved, and the reader can not relate the information. Either way, the post is full of information not open to the public. This is a silly blogging mistake, which can be rectified, by knowing your audience.

Neil Patel has wonderfully shared The 11 Beginner Dangerous Blogging Mistakes which can literally cripple your blogs in the very first year.

Mistake #2 – Not having a powerful niche

I think, that one of the biggest and most dangerous blogging mistakes among the new bloggers is trying to be everything to everybody, or even four or five things to four or five classes.
For example, if a banking blogger is particularly interested in lead generation for small business lending, then he should not waste time and energy trying to write about the mortgage market as well. Rather, he would focus the energy on niches and interesting topics inside small business loans. How do the loans vary from restaurants to convenience stores? What’s the specific choice for small business loans?

This doesn’t pigeonhole the blogger; it just means that to a smaller group of people, the diversity of topics is more relevant, and therefore more interesting and insightful.

But wait. . .Do you really know The Difference Between A Website And A Blog?

Mistake #3 – Inconsistency

One of the most dangerous blogging mistakes, a blogger make is inconsistency, both in content and pace of publication. The tricky part is that these two components of success also act as powers of opposition.

In the beginning, the notion that you should blog “when you have something to say” makes sense, but unless you set and adhere to a publication schedule or a frequency level (daily, three times a week, ten times a month etc) because, it is really tempting to tell yourself, “Oh, I Just don’t have anything to say today, so I’ll just miss it.” That’s how the publishing level decreases from four a week to two a week, to one blogging occasionally. The blogs that are popular over the long haul are the ones that make regular publishing, not daily inspiration-based.

Yet making publishing routine doesn’t say, “let’s just throw up a garbage post because I’ve committed to writing three a week.” Performance still trumps frequency (with the potential exception of SEO).

The balance between the need to publish regularly and the need for consistent quality is crucial.

Mistake #4 – Including too many topics

Out of all the dangerous blogging mistakes, this one is my favorite. What some bloggers do is that they cover a wide range of topics. Many bloggers want to cater to the largest possible audience because they’re writing about a variety of topics, but this could prove as one of the most dangerous blogging mistakes.

The issue with this is that the blog ‘s focus may become lost and the audience may be disengaged. Defining a few main areas that will cover a blog posts will precisely hone the blogger’s experience and skills in content and laser-focus.

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Mistake #5 – Not committing

Yeah, Business Bloggers make too many critical and dangerous blogging mistakes. If I had to pick just one, that would not be a dedication to the cycle. Too many people get into blogging thinking it’ll impact their business instantly. Their visibility of the search engine and traffic inbound will skyrocket, and they will sleep on a $100 bill bed.

Unlike pay-per – click ads however, it takes time and effort to create a blog that supports your business. I’m asking people to schedule six months on writing two to three posts a week to get the results they ‘re looking for … more if they’re in a competitive industry.

Nevertheless, this means more than just writing; you will need to write keyword-rich posts with insightful, convincing titles on social media platforms that will be read, linked and shared.

Mistake #6 – Quantity over Quality

I think a lot of bloggers are focusing on quantity versus quality and that’s one of the most dangerous blogging mistakes I believe. There’s this theory that says you need to blog a few days a week to still make your blog look fresh; both from the human consumption perspective and from the search engine perspective as well.

The benefit is a gain in quantity — maybe even a increase in page rank — but a reduction of price exists.

A successful, in-depth blog post takes time for research, writing and editing. If you’re a bigger business with a team of skilled authors, there’s not enough time in the day to do it well; so there’s plenty of blogging content.

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Neil Patel himself

Mistake #7 – Poor Writing

The aim of a blogger is the same as any other writer: to find (and retain) readers. The better it gets the more writers. Having said that, there is one sure-fire way for current and potential readers to turn off: poor writing. I think this is one of the most embarrassing and dangerous blogging mistakes.

With the convenience and accessibility of making a blog today, the value of good writing in publishing has all but disappeared — at least online. If I find typos in a $25 hardcover book from the bookstore, or a journal or journal post, I cringe in disgust. However, it is not unusual to find littered formatting, spelling and grammatical errors in blog posts and articles.

Not only can such dangerous blogging mistakes make a post complicated and unpleasant to read, they make the case more difficult to get across, and eventually leave the writer with a less than-professional opinion. Effective writing is of course more than just grammatically sound sentences that have been tested for read.

Good writing is clear and precise, it has a point and is reachable (i.e. easy to read and to comprehend). But I would argue that half the fight to gain readers derives from easy, lazy errors that are easily fixed. Employ spell-check; take time to explore ideas , facts and theories about which you are not sure; and, most importantly, read your work before publishing. This can really make a huge difference.

What other blogging mistakes have you noticed? How’d you improve blogging? Share your comments please in the box below.

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