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Galaxy S20 gets a One UI 3.0 (Android 11 beta) update, the most competitive UI

by Amal Varghese
One UI 3.0

With a One UI 3.0 update, Samsung had already made a surprising declaration while stating that their flagship S20 series model will get three generations of Android Operating System Update. That was not all of it, it seems as Samsung is taking the surprise to another stage by announcing a One UI 3.0 beta program. Currently the company has opened up a One UI 3.0 beta, based on Android 11 program for developers with the Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra. 

One UI 3.0

Samsung has been a little uncanny in naming their UI, especially the series. The successor of one of the most celebrated UI, One UI 1.0 and 2.0, the One UI 3.0 has already created a sound of enthusiasm among the developers. As of now the “pre-beta” phase of this program is primarily Samsung’s conditions for a closed beta. To be a part of the developer forum, the developers are needed to apply and ask for partnership permissions. This will be analyzed and approved by Samsung on a one to one basis depending on the criteria for eligibility.

The pre-beta version is only available in the United States and Korea. In the U.S., only the unlocked and T-Mobile/Sprint devices will be supported while in Korea, all Galaxy S20 SKU editions will be supporting this pre-beta update. As in the coming public beta session, Samsung plans to launch support to developers in other countries like China, Germany, India, Poland, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Samsung didn’t announce when the public beta would start, but this is a ground breaking move by Samsung.

Timely OS update was one of Samsung’s major drawback and this update has brought excitement among Samsung users. We hope that this would finally make a big change and could compete with the One Plus’s Oxygen OS’s timely update feature. We are waiting for further updates.

The expected features of One UI 3.0

Improved Gestation and Navigation

With the One UI 3.0 it would be much easy to configure the sensitivity of the back button and lowering sensitivity can make it easy to use gestures to open the hamburger menu.

No unlock after reboot

With “Resume on reboot,” apps can now run normally and continue receiving messages right away after a reboot without users first needing to enter their passcode.

Use bluetooth headphones on airplane mode

If you turn on the Airplane Mode, it will no longer disconnect your phone while listening to audio via Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Google has even added a little pop-up message to confirm Bluetooth won’t be turned off.

Other Features

Send images as notification replies

Audio Codec Support

New Notification Shade

One UI Lock Feature (With special customisation)

Improved Spam Protection

Wireless Debugging

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