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Android 11 Beta: Launched

by Akshay Ugale
Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Beta

Google has released the beta version of its next android which is the Android 11. So actually, the coming out of this Android 11 was meant to happen through an unveiling event which was scheduled to happen on June 3rd, but Google earlier cancelled that event taking into consideration the current protests happening in USA. Google has promised some promising features in the new update and it has categorized all these updates into broadly three categories namely People, Controls and Privacy.


The most focused aspect of the updates is about this particular category by Google. In the blog post regarding the OS it said that they’re making Android 11 beta more “people centric and expressive” so that it can be more recognise and prioritize certain conversations. The notifications in Android 11 beta are divided into 3 sections- conversations, alerting notifications and silent notifications.

Conversations category would be about the chat notifications of the user, alerting notifications will be about emails whereas silent notifications would be about all the social media updates.

Android 11 Beta also has Chat Bubbles exactly like we see that of Facebook chat. These bubbles would be pinned to the screen so that the user doesn’t has to switch between apps every time to keep the conversation going flawlessly.


A new power button menu has been added in Android 11 beta that gives the ability to access their connected devices more easily. The media controls will allow for quick switching between connected devices to manage audio and video output.


The Privacy segment has always been a weak knee for Google, though this update has some good news on that front. Like the Google 10 brought in features of customised permissions for apps, the Google 11 has extended that even further.

Now the users will be able to give apps a one-time access to microphone, camera, or location and the app will request for access again when it is used next time. Not only that but if a particular app has not been used for a long time then all the permissions which were earlier granted to that app will be cancelled out and when the user would want to use the app again then it’d ask for all the permissions once again.

Overall, the Android 11 Beta looks good on the People and Privacy front. There are definitely various other areas where Android can work to make its system more customizable and more secure like the iOS.

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