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Google Pixel 4A Spotted on US FCC, But No release in India?

by Ameya Joglekar
Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a was supposed to arrive in May but the launch got delayed to June, then July, and a recent report claimed the 2020 Pixel isn’t coming before October. There’s no official word from Google yet, but a Google smartphone which is likely the Pixel 4a has been certified by the USA’s FCC, meaning it’s closer to launch than ever.

Pixel 4A has allegedly passed through FCC certification hinting at a launch in the future. Google has passed its mid-cycle update deadline already, given that the Pixel 3a launched in May last year. The Pixel 4A has leaked on multiple occasions online, and it was expected to be unveiled during an Android 11 announcement in June, now postponed. If the Google Pixel 5 range is to follow tradition and launch in October, Google should announce its slightly toned-down version of the Google Pixel 4 range really soon.

FCC lists a Google phone with three different model numbers – G025N, G025M, and G025J – with the last one likely being the US model. The documents shared by FCC also reveal Google will opt for an e-label to keep the back of the smartphone devoid of any markings for a clean look.

A new Google phone has been spotted on FCC by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman and he claims it to be the Google Pixel 4a. The model number listed on FCC is G025. To recall, the Pixel 4 came with the model number G020, so it could be possible that this new Google G025 model may be the Pixel 4a. Of course, this is speculation and it could well be some other device altogether.

Furthermore, The Verge reasons that this new probable Pixel 4a model will come without the Soli radar sensor chip integrated for Motion Sense gesture controls. The FCC documents do not disclose millimetre wave radio frequencies used with the radar chip, hinting at the possible exclusion of the feature. Frequencies between 58GHz and 63.5GHz showed up in Pixel 4’s FCC filings, but aren’t present in this new Google filing. The absence could also mean that the Pixel 4a may launch in India. The Pixel 4 series was not made available in India as the frequencies aren’t supported in the country yet.

The Pixel 4a was expected to launch at the Android 11 event on June 3, but that didn’t happen. If the phone does make an appearance, it is tipped to be priced at $349 (roughly Rs. 26,400) for the 128GB model. The 64GB variant is expected to be priced even lower at $299 (roughly Rs. 22,600). The phone was also spotted on Geekbench last month, and the Pixel 4a was listed to pack 6GB RAM and Android 10 software

The Pixel 4a will sport a 5.81″ FullHD+ OLED screen with a punch-hole in the top-left corner for the 8MP selfie camera. Around the back, you’ll get a single 12.2MP main camera joined by a fingerprint reader. Powering the mid-ranger will be a 3,080mAh battery which will charge at up 18W through a USB-C port.

Unfortunately, sources close to Android Authority have confirmed there will be no Pixel 4a XL this year. This might be disappointing for some fans of the Pixel 3a XL, but this will likely reduce production costs for Google and help keep the Pixel 4a at a reasonable price.

At the time of the Pixel 4 release, a Google spokesperson said. “We decided not to make Pixel 4 available in India,”
So will they release Google Pixel 4A in India?

If Google pixel 4a won’t release in India then Why?

The Google Pixel 4 features a radar sensor, dubbed Project Soli during development, and now called Motion Sense. This allows the smartphone to support air gestures — so you can wave your hands at your phone to execute certain actions. This works on 60GHz spectrum.

Pixel 4a will be same motion sense feature So it might wont release in India.

Thoughts? What would you like to see from the Google Pixel 4a?

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