June 16, 2021


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Google Pixel 6’s new redefined look has swept the internet, it is promising

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Google Pixel 6 series are coming, and they look just so weird yet promising. For the first time, renders of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have leaked.

Google Pixel 6 series are coming, and they look just so weird yet promising. Well, that’s exactly one would feel seeing the latest set to renders of the alleged Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. That’s right, there are two Pixels coming soon it seems. The tech giant, however, hasn’t revealed the two upcoming Pixels yet. But, we do expect, Google to do how typical it is and confirm the phones way ahead of the official release.


If rumours are considered the Google Pixel 6 series will see the day’s light at Google I/O event scheduled to kick off on May 18. Ahead of the official release, reliable and popular tipster Jon Prosser revealed a YouTube video that reveals the complete design of the upcoming Pixel 6 as well as the Pixel 6 Pro. This time Google is doing away with the XL moniker.

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Google Pixel 6 Design

Both Pixel 6 series models appear with a massive camera bump at the rear panel, something that we have never seen on a Pixel device before. As per the renders, the vanilla model will pack two image sensors at the back while the Pixel 6 Pro appears with three cameras at the back panel. While we are unsure of the sensors on the upcoming Pixels, we do expect Google to upgrade the cameras just like the design.

Google Pixel 6

Looks like Google is seemingly doing away with boring colours as well. Ones that appear in the renders show an orange colour band at the top of the back panel. Followed by a black band that includes the sensors and then it’s all white paint there. Right in the middle sits a G logo as usual.

Google hasn’t yet confirmed the phones or when they will release. Rumours, however, suggest that the upcoming Pixel 6 series could release during Google’s I/O virtual event set to begin from May 18.

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