Google’s New logos are a Joke or inspiration?

Google new logo image

Google unveiled its Workspace with new logos, The Google revamps its G Suite of apps that includes Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and others as Google Workstation.

The new logos are made from inspiration from Google’s famous colorful logo and, for example, throw yellow and green into the traditional red and white Gmail logo.

Google said ‘Our new Google Workspace brand reflects this more connected, helpful, and flexible experience, and our icons will reflect the same,’

‘In the coming days, you will see new four-color icons for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and our collaborative content creation tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides are part of the same family. They represent Google’s commitment to building integrated communication and collaboration experiences for everyone.
People are not happy with Google New logos They are trolling Google on Twitter.

Reaction to Google new logo

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