June 18, 2021


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Meet the Galaxy SmartTag+, basically AirTags for Samsung Galaxy phones

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

Galaxy SmartTag+ was unveiled by Samsung,which is a more efficient counterpart to the SmartTag introduced earlier this year, to get ahead of the Apple AirTags news cycle. The SmartTag+ is now available for $39 from Samsung and Amazon, following a brief pre-order run.

The revised location tracker supports ultra wideband technology in addition to Bluetooth LE support, which distinguishes the Galaxy SmartTag+ from the original model. SmartTag+ also has an augmented reality feature that makes it easy to locate the tracker when it’s nearby. The SmartTag+ can be monitored up to a distance of nearly 400 feet using the SmartThings app. The tag’s button can also be used for selective home automation as an added bonus.

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The Galaxy Find network, which is funded by Galaxy smartphones enrolled in the service, can also monitor SmartTag+. Users of AirTags would be able to locate the tracker on a map, similar to Apple’s Find My network. If AirTags is out of control, the Find My network will assist users in tracking down the tracker if it has been marked as lost.

The Galaxy S21+, S21 Ultra, and Note 20 Ultra are the only Samsung devices that support ultra wideband, so if you don’t have one of those devices, you’re better off purchasing the original Galaxy SmartTag for $29 instead (the same price as AirTags).

While location trackers may not seem to be an essential accessory, having one may mean the difference between finding and not finding a lost backpack. With some countries’ lockout restrictions loosening, packing a Galaxy SmartTag+ in your luggage might be beneficial. It’s there to give you peace of mind, if nothing else.

Location trackers have been around for a long time, thanks to the success of a company called Tile, but now that Apple’s AirTags are affordable, there’s renewed interest in what they can do. If you’re a Samsung fan, the Galaxy SmartTag+ is definitely worth looking into.

Galaxy SmartTag+
Galaxy SmartTag+

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