Monitor Your Sweaty Hands With The PS5 Controller

Did y’all ever wonder how much did your hands sweat while you’re in a intense gaming session? Don’t worry Sony’s got you covered, according their newest Dualshock 5 controller patent for the upcoming PS5, alongside with a built-in heart rate monitor (Because I wanted to know how fast my heart was beating while I Pwned some Noobs).

Jokes aside, this “feature” was recently discovered by Respawn First, and this biofeedback (Users heart rate and sweat secretion levels) can be used to slightly adjust the users gameplay accordingly.

This patent might have a sensor on one or both sides of the controllers grips to track the users electrodremal activity (i.e., sweat secretion) and the users heart rate to monitor player response, although the patent does not state how this might effect your gaming experience.

The patent also states that the light bar at the front of the controller might change color to visually represent the players emotional state. In the document, the goal is described so as to provide ‘an immersive and highly interactive experience for players’. The patent also indicated these features to work in VR.

Although this patent seems weird, it maybe a very interesting concept, and might help game devs create a immensely immersive gameplay experience. But this will obviously raise very reasonable concerns about the users biofeedback data being shared or sold to other third parties.

Another patent was also discovered last week that implied that Sony is also developing finger tracking controllers for its VR gear. Having said that these patents are by no means evidence that these “features” might end up on the final product, so don’t except to use your PS5 controller as an ECG any time soon.

Robin Sunny

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