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No more Intel for Mac? ARM-based Macs to be showing up very soon.

by Amal Varghese

As per the rumors from a reputable source, the ARM based MacBook Pro may be scheduled to launch in the near future. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated, that the new line of Apple laptops may arrive in the next 12-18 months and would once again feature an in-house processor which will not be developed by Intel.

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Since Apple’s transition to Intel Processors in 2006, Apple has been constantly releasing Intel-based Macs, currently powered with the new-get i7 and i9 Processors. This change from Intel to its own ARM-based Processor will make massive difference.

As of now, it is rumored that ARM-based Processor for Mac would make its debut in the fall of 2021. Even as we speak of it, Apple has not yet made any confirmation regarding the same, but again, further rumor states that Apple has been in the process of hiring staff for building desktop and laptop chips of its own, like it started doing with iPhone.

This news may not sound good to Apple’s competitors as Apple has a very keen eye for perfection. On one hand, the iPhone and iPad in-house Processors are definitely far ahead of its competitors. The rumoured A14 bionic is already crossing the limits of a smartphone processor. This ARM-based Mac Processor may aggressively power the MacBooks to a an extreme level and would definitely be prices high. The current 16inch MacBook Pro could cost you around ₹ 2,29,990.

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