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Pixel 5 is not a flagship phone, may be a lot of people could afford.

by Amal Varghese

If the leaks are to be believed, the Google Pixel 5 will not be a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Apple iPhone 11/12 and will not be launched with the beastly Snapdragon 865 processor.

It seems like Google is making an attempt to completely adopt a new strategy of entering the mid-flagship range of smartphones. This change could possibly disappoint a lot of Google Pixel fans who experienced the exclusive stock Android performance with a powerful processor but could also be a bliss to people who couldn’t afford Pixel phones earlier.

As per the report, instead of 865 SoC, the Google Pixel 5 will feature a mid-flagship range processor, the Snapdragon 765G, the successor of Snapdragon 730G. Along with Adreno 620 GPU, the Pixel should work like a charm but will be no comparison to the flagship phones. 765 SoC is also one of the processors that support 5G connectivity, so that should not worry the users.

This information was decrypted by TecnoLike Plus, through a pre-release version of the Google Camera app from a prototype Pixel 4a passed to 9to5Google. A teardown of the app indicates a telephoto capability for the Pixel 4a and describes the phone as “photo_pixel_2020_midrange_config” confirming that the Pixel 4a is a midrange phone as expected. Another reference in the app named “photo_pixel_2020_config” points towards the upcoming Pixel 5, which is also expected to feature a telephoto lens.

Why would Google want to stop flagship phones?

One of the possible reasons would be to curb the price, with flagship hardware the smartphone would cross the mark of $1000 (approx. Rs. 74,000) which could possibly affect its sales like it was in the case of Google Pixel 4. Smartphones with 765G generally may cost around $350 to $500 (approx. Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 37,000), this could possibly boost the Pixel 5 sales.

Another reason could be that the stock Android version offered in the Pixel 5 might possibly be well optimised and may not need a power boost. Instead the company can focus on another areas like improved camera or battery. If this the case be, then Pixel could be slightly priced above $600 (approx. Rs. 44,000)

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