June 17, 2021


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PUBG New Map Livik

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PUBG Livik

Mobile 0.19.0 update is now available for both Android and iOS users. One of the major features of the new update is the introduction of the new PUBG Livik map. Apart from the new map, the update also brings a host of new features for users to try out.

The new Livik map is now the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, with a size of 2×2 km. This title earlier belonged to Sanhok, which has a total area of 4×4 km and is based on a jungle theme.

The new PUBG Livik map consists of four terrains: Snowy hills, water, desert and jungle. At one time, it allows up to 52 members, with the match lasting for around 15 minutes. The map also gets exclusive gear and vehicles, which include a P90 sub-machine gun, Mk12 marksman rifle and Monster Truck vehicle. The map is currently showing with the beta option enabled, which means that it might change during the upcoming days.

How different is the PUBG Livik map?

The Livik map is exclusive to PUBG Mobile, to bring smaller matches to the game. This new Livik map can be described as a Nordic map which, as explained above, has a combination of snowy terrain, green fields, and waterfalls. It is a small map measuring 2 km x 2 km which is small compared to the other maps in PUBG Mobile. Both the Erangel and Miramar maps are 8 km x 8 km in size, the Vikendi map is 6 km x 6 km and Sanhok is 4 km x 4 km in size.

This makes Livik the smallest map in the game. Since the map is small, the game only drops 52 players on it. This is around half as many players as you’ll encounter on the other maps. The player density is lower as a result, and the chances of engaging with an opponent instantly goes down. I prefer this as it gives a player enough time to pick up weapons. PUBG has not yet released this one exclusively for higher refresh rates.

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What new items are added in Livik?

There are two weapons added specifically for this map: the P90 and Mk12 Marksman Rifle. The P90 is a submachine gun with a very high firing rate whereas the Mk12 provides high-speed bursts while sniping. The developers have also added an extended barrel attachment in this map which can be attached to a sniper, rifle or submachine gun to increase the range of the weapon. Since the map is smaller, this should help players have a mid-to-long range weapon without specifically looking for snipers.

The game will soon start its Season 14. However, ahead of that, the game is holding a Season Warmup Event during which players can enlist in four-person teams in the Classic Mode and complete missions. After completing the missions, they will receive several Season 14 ranking points.

Other improvements include System features, Radio messages, Vouchers, the Guncraft system, firearm attachment finish features, download speeds, Achievements and Achievement Rankings, Clan classification, Ace Badge features, Settings features and Brothers in Arms have all been adjusted, balanced and improved.

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