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Realme X3, how smart do you think this budget smart phone is?

by Amal Varghese
Realme X3

After weeks of its leaks and trailers, Realme finally launches the Realme X3 Super Zoom in Europe last month. Along with the launch, a non Super Zoom version, the Realme X2 successor might also be an impending smartphone according to the leaks.

Realme X3

Realme X3 Super Zoom, priced at  €499 (approximately 43,000 INR or even less) is powered with the previous-gen flagship chipset Snapdragon 855+, a high 120Hz refresh rate LCD at FHD+ resolution, unto 12GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage. However the most appealing feature is its camera technology, Realme X3 features an 8MP telephoto camera that supports 5x optical zoom and up to 60x digital zoom. The device has currently launched in China and Europe and is expected to launch in India as well.

The Realme X3 camera system

The X3 SuperZoom camera system is equipped with a new periscope zoom lens (unlike other cameras that support telescopic zoom lens) which brings an all-new photography experience. This makes the camera support 0.5x to 60x wide zoom range which allows users to capture any view, even from a farther distance.

Realme claims that the periscopic zoom lens is accompanied by an ultra wide-angle lens and the primary camera. It gives the X3 SuperZoom focal length from 16 mm to 124 mm, equivalent to the smooth zoom from 0.5X to 60X zoom. Optical image stabilization (OIS) stabilizes the zoomed preview, making it easy to take sharp, clear photos, even from 100 meters away.

According to Realme, they have developed the cameras with an intense starry mode, that utilises an AI algorithm combined with ultra-long exposure and multi-frame synthesis engine to intelligently enhance sharpness and colour expression, giving the user an ultimate lit starry sky pictures.

Also, the camera features a Pro Mode with a new technology for mobile nightmare called the Super Nightscape 4.0 which has tailored a couple of creative features like a Pro Nightscape mode which allows users to set ISO, WB, shutter speed, and focus distance, allowing you to experience joys of using manual mode. Realme also introduced a Tripod mode intelligently provides 50 seconds of exposure time, allowing you to shoot photos featuring light trails and traffic streams.

Ultra Nightscape Mode

The Super Nightscape 4.0 also comes with an advanced AI Ultra nightscape enhancement. It recognizes what is being captured and intelligently switches between Super and Ultra Nightscape Mode, giving a breathtaking night pictures every time.

Other Specs

Along with its excellent camera feature, Realme X3 Super Zoom also features the octavos-core Snapdragon 855+ SoC with Adreno 640 GPU, making the phone extremely powerful in handling arduous task. Along with its 120Hz display, the device is going to be a monster in almost every feature. The phone is even considered to be a gaming phone by several reviewers. Thus giving it a very competent edge to other competitive smartphones.

The phone will also feature Android 10 along with their newly launched stock Realme UI. After several updates, the UI has appeared to be a serious competitor to MIUI and Oxygen OS.

Launch in India?

Along with the Realme X3 SuperZoom, the company is also planning to launch the Realme X3 in India as listings of the device have now appeared on the Google Play Console’s Device Catalog and therefore the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The BIS listing confirms that there are 3 devices in the Realme X3 series with the model numbers RMX2081, RMX2085, and RMX2086.

Over on the Google Play Console’s Device Catalog, devices with the model number RMX2081L1 and RMX2085L1 were added alongside the RMX2086L1. All three devices are listed with the marketing name Realme X3, but with the leaks from XDA-Developers, the RMX2086 is that the X3 SuperZoom. This implies that RMX2081 could also be the regular X3, while RMX2085 could also be the X3 Pro.

The Realme X3 and X3 Pro will presumably lack the X3 SuperZoom’s periscopic telephoto camera. However, both devices will feature an equivalent Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chip. The X3 and X3 Pro will have 8GB of RAM, unlike the X3 SuperZoom’s 12GB, and both the devices may feature an equivalent 120Hz panel, since “” is listed as a supported system feature for both devices on the Google Play Console.

As of now, we’ve no further information about the specifications of those devices but we expect to find out more from Realme within the days leading up to the launch.

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