May 8, 2021


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SAMSUNG SSD T7 Touch: is it a great buy?

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The all new Samsung T7 SSD with a fingerprint sensor

SAMSUNG SSD T7 Touch: everything to know about

Let’s start with the portable SSD’s in India, Samsung was the one to launch and promote portable SSD’s in India. Even today the tech giant owns quite a big share of the market when it comes to SSD’s. Samsung T5 SSD is the previous version of the T7 and it still considered to be a favorite amongst the masses as it is reasonable comparatively, its available everywhere and the product life. So, when Samsung had such a good and near perfect T5 version then what has it exactly brought new in the next version of SAMSUNG SSD T7?

Well the answer to that question would be quite clear from the tittle of the blog itself. Though Samsung enjoys quite the customer preference in this segment but still now there have been a number of companies which are competing with Samsung and hence the company has upgraded its model to beat them all.

The Samsung SSD T7 comes with a security feature of fingerprint sensor. The earlier models of it have actually provided hardware encryption which is activated using a password so actually this is not a very much of a big update security levels wise as compared to the earlier versions but still is a big update coming in to the SSD market for new.

The SAMSUNG SSD T7 comes with a square box on its surface which is not easily visible initially but when plugged in and ready to use you can see it. The security update for this SSD is a gem on its throne is what you would have to say.

A few cons do like with the SSD like its other competitors the T7 doesn’t promise you water resistivity or shock proof in case of a fall.

For storage capacity you can chose between 500TB,1TB and 2TB. Samsung isn’t clearly targeting the low end of the market, and has used a fast NVMe SSD that can take advantage of the 10Gbps bandwidth of a USB 3.2 Gen2 connection. Samsung has made claims that the sequential read and write speeds are up to 1050MBps and 1000MBps.

What is the price range?

Rs. 12,999 for 500TB

Rs. 19999 for 1TB

Rs. 37,999 for 2TB

One of the important advantages of the SAMSUNG SSD T7 is that you don’t have a to install a Samsung application in to your machine for using the touch. The Samsung drivers are just about of 50Mb and that’s it for the security feature.

The physical features of the SAMSUNG SSD T7 are also convincing as the T7 comes in 2 colors that is black and silver with a metal body cast. The SAMSUNG SSD T7 is flatter and longer but can fit easily on a palmtop making the device look good.

Let’s come down to the overall review of this device at the end. Considering the price and the features that the T7 is offering its definitely a good deal for the heavy usage tech savvies to have this box in their pockets. The speed and the features that it is providing will be demanded for more and more in the time to come ahead.

There are a few things which can be added in to it later like asking for the fingerprint access after one session times out for more security but that can also be added in the next upgrade to this. At least for now with this product Samsung can say that it has kept itself ahead of the curve till the next SSD is launched by any of its partner which can provide some other better and required feature than this.

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