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Should You Really Start A Blog in 2020

by Mebin Varghese
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If you’re good at writing, in this 2020 digital world you should certainly start a blog.Not necessary that you need to start a new website like for writing. There are many platforms, like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Wordpress where you can start a blog.– Why not!!! If you’re good at writing and want to do something in this digital world for yourself, you should definitely write.Blogging is a fantastic way to enhance your writing, explore areas of profound interest, learn the fundamentals of website management and SEO, and — maybe most importantly — develop critical thinking.

In particular, blogging will develop at least these 5 skills in you.

Keeps you up-to-date — No matter how enthusiastic you think you’re on a particular topic, there will be days and even weeks, when you’re not inspired to write. Here’s where the habit and continuity of blogging kicks in — it will push you to read more and keep up-to-date on your subject and you get ideas for more articles.

Improves your writing — The majority of people can’t write well. Your writing would improve by committing to a blog and sticking with it for at least 6–8 months. The practice of writing blog posts and the added pressure of making them public, makes it an invaluable craft.

Improves your analytical skills — Writing blog posts demands that you organize your thoughts clearly, write persuasively, and edit ruthlessly. These are qualities that spill over into many fields of thinking and research, beyond pure writing.

Teaches website management — Whatever platform you use, whether it is Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc, publishing blog posts will force you to learn the basics of website management and SEO — maybe even HTML and social media marketing as well.

Create a portfolio — You own the content of your blog at the end of the day, so no publication or website will alter their algorithm or remove the posts.In addition to sharing your thoughts and potentially creating an audience, blogs provide you with opportunities to create a portfolio of your original work at your own rate and on your terms.

So, yes, I think you should start a blog. Play, commit to it. You’ll be shocked at what you’ve created in a year.

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