Home Computer So here’s the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs and it will be available from this fall.

So here’s the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs and it will be available from this fall.

by Amal Varghese
Intel 11th Gen CPUs

Intel has officially announced its new Intel 11th gen CPUs, stating it to be the worlds Best Processors that could run on light and thin laptops. The news takes on that the new 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors for laptops will feature the company’s new integrated Xe graphics, Thunderbolt 4 support, Wi-Fi 6, and a big leap in performance and battery life which is significantly better than the previous Ice Lake chips. 

With this launch, Intel plans to put forth its new nine 11th Gen designs, for both its U (referred as UP3) and Y series (referred as UP4) which would be ultimately led by the Core i7-1185G7, which offer base speed of 3.0GHz with a massive single core turbo boost of 4.8GHz. With which the device can attain upto 4.3Ghz on all core boost. Almost all the processors feature a very capable integrated version of Intel’s Iris Xe graphics, at a maximum speed of 1.35GHz graphic speed. 

Configuration of the Intel 11th gen CPUs

ModelCores/ ThreadsGraphicsGraphics (EUs)WattsBase Frequency (GHz)Single Core Turbo (GHz)All Core Turbo (GHz)Cache
Core i7-1185G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe9612-28W3.04.84.312MB
Core i7-1165G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe9612-28W2.84.74.112MB
Core i5-1135G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe8012-28W2.44.23.88MB
Core i3-1125G44C/8TIntel UHD Graphics4812-28W2.03.73.38MB
Core i3-1115G42C/4TIntel UHD Graphics4812-28W3.04.14.18MB
Core i7-1160G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe967-15W1.24.43.612MB
Core i5-1130G74C/8TIntel Iris Xe807-15W1.14.03.48MB
Core i3-1120G44C/8TIntel UHD Graphics487-15W1.13.53.08MB
Core i3-1110G42C/4TIntel UHD Graphics487-15W1.83.93,96MB

On its Architecture Day 2020, the company had already made a preview of the new chipsets, the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs had proved to be maintaining its challenging features. Besides all these factor the device is still developed on a 10 nanometer node, which is similar to its previous gen Ice Lake models. But the chipset upgrades tp the Willow Care architecture titled as 10nm SuperFin design which according to intel has maintained a power efficiency feature which intel has not been keeping up since some time. With an increased power efficiency the device might also offer better speed.

Apparently Intel was under the impression of poor defensive performance in the past years with lack of complete competitors. With the launch of these new CPUs Intel is aiming for something big. The Intel 11th gen CPUs have strikingly updated its competition with AMD. AMD has already picked up this rivalry to another level by introducing the Ryzen 4000 chipset which has a 7nm node and is significantly ahead of the pre-gen and the new-gen Intel CPUs, at many cases these chipsets have outperfomed Intel’s laptops. As if this rivalry was insignificant, other major laptop manufacturers like Microsoft and Apple began to shake hands with ARM chipsets which are far superior to any current CPUs.

Intel also vouches on its new Integrated Xe graphics, which according to the company will offer a considerable advance in its graphic department. Intel claims that it could potentially offer a huge benefit than just numbers. At the demonstration of this this new chipset, it had a competition with the Nvidia MX350 GPUs.

Along with with the support for 8K HDR displays are also a significant upgradation for the chipset, it also powers four 4K HDR displays at once. An improvement to the built in AI engine could benefit camera quality.

Along with the Intel 11th gen CPUs, the company is planning to start a new certification standard called Intel Evo. Evo is said to consist of a higher requirement stats which would guarantee that your laptop will run over nine hours of real world usage in a single charge along with fast charging, Thunderbolt 4, WiFi 6 and system wake in less than a second. A system with an Evo logo would guarantee a high quality machine and more than 20 Evo verified machine should be available this year. The Intel 11th gen CPUs will be packed in various upcoming laptops.

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