June 17, 2021


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Starts at Rs. 195, Apple One has finally entered this subscription rat-race, its cheap

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Finally Apple launches its long-awaited Apple One bundled service in India, but how cheap is it?

Apple has come to launch its most awaited Apple One bundled service on Friday. After almost every industry has started providing a package service, Apple has finally decided to enter this rat-race. This is not Apple’s first subscription plan, but this is for the first time Apple has opted a subscription bundle. The Apple One include Apple Music (earlier iTunes), Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and a premium iCloud service. This means you will not have to get individual subscription for any of those services, all of them will be covered under Apple One.

Apple One

Apple One Plans

The Apple One subscription for an individual is priced at Rs 195 per month in India. For a family plan, Apple One subscription starts at Rs 356 per month. This service is priced high in the United States at $14.95 for an individual and $19.95 for family, the US Apple One service includes Apple Music (earlier iTunes), Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade premium iCloud service. Along with the individual and family plan, Apple One also offers a premium plan with Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ for $29.95 per month. Besides India and US, Apple has made their subscription package available in all the other markets.

Under the individual plan, Apple offers subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. The family plan offers 200GB of iCloud storage and all other benefits are the same as the individual plan. These services can be shared with up to six family members.

It is easy to subscribe the Apple One, in order to sign up for the Apple subscription bundle, you must go to the Apple App Store and then click on the profile picture. Then click on Subscriptions, followed by “Try it now” option under ‘Get Apple One’. For the first month, you will be able to get access to Apple One service for the free following which you’ll need to pay to use the service.

Apple One services

Apple One bundles the tech giant’s existing subscription services into a number of tiered streaming packages. The services include Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and iCloud Subscription which could be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, and Apple TV.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the tech giant’s answer to Spotify, boasting a large song library, numbering around 50 million, across a broad range of genres. It can be accessed on your smartphone, music streamer, TV, or computer, as well as via the Apple HomePod, using Siri’s voice control smarts. As well as music streaming, the service offers podcasts and the Apple 1 radio station (formerly known as Beats 1), as well as stations dedicated to pop hits and country music.

Apple TV Plus

The Apple TV streaming service is the most recent addition to Apple’s services, offering a slate of original programming for a small monthly price of Rs 99 for 6 users. And while the launch lineup was pretty bare, the service has gradually grown to include other shows and programs beyond the (exceptional) The Morning Show it debuted with.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a paid-for subscription service for iOS games. For the price of Rs. 99, you get access to 100+ indie titles to be played on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or Apple TV – meaning none of these are AAA blockbusters, tending to be smaller, lower-spec affairs that can run on the average Apple handset. But there are some real gems here, such as Sayonara Wild Knights, and a mix of exclusive titles (Card of Darkness) or ports of existing games (Enter The Gungeon). You can even connect a PS4 DualShock or Xbox One controller to improve the gameplay too.

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