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Telegram comes out with its new cool features

by Akshay Ugale

Telegram comes out with its new cool features. In the web messaging service world of WhatsApp denomination. There have been a few players who have been making out their own place with some pretty cool features in it. One of those cool apps is definitely Telegram. In a kind of direct competition with WhatsApp, Telegram is actually a better option in a lot of ways but has been a cause of concern when it comes to the security feature. Although after this update that won’t be the case anymore. Telegram has just launched its quite cool new features today and that’s what I’d be dealing with them today.

Telegram comes out with cool in-app video enhancement features to upgrade the user experience even more

Two-step verification

To enhance its security of the app the same Two-step verification method which is used by Whats App will also be used by Telegram to enable this feature the users can go under the Privacy and Security option in the app and enter the password they wish. This feature will protect the app data and the users will have to input this password every time they log in to telegram from a new device.

The company statement regarding the update said “This feature will be responsible to protect the app data and securing accounts from cloning in future”

In app video editing

Now this is the coolest feature that I’m most interested into. It has launched an in-app video editor which does various editing jobs like video enhancement. The video enhancement feature will enable users to tweak their videos using two taps. The brightness and saturation of the video can be adjusted. The videos can also be zoomed-in and doodles can be drawn on them.

Not only this but animated stickers can also be added to videos apart from that stickers can also be added to photos which will turn them into GIF’s. plus, Telegram has also added speaking GIF’s to its features

Cache management

Users can now clear storage from Telegram as per their requirements using the Cache Memory Management Tool. To check and clear storage users should.


-Data and Storage

-Storage usage

The storage is divided into segments like Photos, Documents, Music, Voice/Video messages, Animated stickers and other files.

Users can now delete files depending upon how recent they are ranging from 3 days to forever. According to Telegram, this will only delete un-assessed files which can also be re-downloaded later from the Telegram cloud. Users can also clear the local database where text of cached messages will be compressed to save space on the internal disk.

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