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The TikTok Ratings Saga

by Akshay Ugale
The TikTok Ratings Journey

TikTok Ratings on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store had gone down severely in the past two weeks but again bounced back to their earlier levels in this week. how did this exactly happen?All the events and the chronology behind it in a short version.

Fall and Revival of TikTok Ratings

What exactly had happened to the TikTok ratings?

There were a number of reasons for the ratings to be downgraded on both the stores. The major and a very serious reason being a TikTok user by the name of Faizal Siddhiqui posted a video on his account in which he can be seen imitating to throw acid on a girl and the girl was shown to be in heavy messed up make up in the next scene. This video outraged a lot of serious citizens of the country and led to a big controversy.

Immediately the National Commission of Women kicked into the picture and asked TikTok India to take the video down immediately. Similarly, a complaint was also launched to the Cyber Crime of Maharashtra for action against the creator after which action was also taken against the TikToker.

Such videos crate extreme negative and anti-feminist views for the women in an already chauvinist, male dominated Indian society. This is a very grave reason but apart from this one reason there were a couple of reasons more which led to the negative reviews. One was the famous online feud between a YouTuber and a TikToker over their individual content, both the platforms and heavy virtual abusing. This led to the followers going ahead and giving negative reviews to the app on the stores.

After the YouTuber was seen trending on Twitter immediately after the video was posted as well as more publicity got traction when that video wastaken down by YouTube citing its own policy reasons. This led to more curiosity amongst people about the video and more people started to look for it online and then it started to e posted on individual posts by people on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram stories. Other reason being the Chinese origin of the TikTok. Amidst the current Corona Times people started abusing TikTok over its Chinese origin and started rating it negatively.

What is the The Play Store policy

At the time while this blog is being written the rating of TikTok on the Play Store has been up to 4.4 from the earlier 1.2. How did this happen then?

Google has been removing negative reviews and ratings that people left for TikTok. According to the Google’s policy it has rules set against posting reviews with an aim of manipulating an apps rating. Also brigading the reviews against any one particular app and posting social or political commentary in the reviews for apps is against the policies. That’s why all the single star rating and the negative and crude reviews given for TikTok have been taken down by Google. Now this will bring us to the lst question of this whole thing

Is the Google policy going in the right way or is it just any other type of Capitalist kind of suit yourself policy?

The reviews which are spam or the reviews which were duplicated can definitely be deleted by Google but does the giant really has the authority to take down the reviews which are genuine but only taken down because they are negative? Isn’t the logic on rating the app itself to know what people think of it? how can one make sure that the policies which review things are they themselves very just or right?What sense which the ‘RATINGS’ make if their honest ratings are taken down just because it ‘goes against the policies?’

TikTok ratings Saga

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