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Three must have apps to keep your calm in Covid times

by Akshay Ugale
Must have apps

Three must have apps to keep calm in this lockdown

The situation is getting tense all over the nation as each day is passing by. The Covid positive cases are just sky rocketing and its taking a toll on everyone. While everyone has to take care of their physical well being in these times. One important aspect which is very crucial is your mental well being.

Staying at home, working from home, spending full time with your family, no Socialising, no outdoor activities all such things are clogging the minds of individuals to a great extend leading to nervous breakdowns to a large number of cases everywhere.

To avoid your mental well being getting crashed here is a list of must have apps which will make sure that you keep your mental health in a sound condition.

Must have apps 1: Headspace

Headspace is a well-designed app and is one of the best in the market for meditation and mindfulness. It has nice animations and a simple user interface. Once you sign up, you can explore and use some features for free, which is great. We liked the fact that the app has plenty of short guided meditations that don’t miss out on any issue that you might be having. There are short courses on cravings, coping with distractions, finding focus or happiness, dealing with regret or difficult conversations, coping with patience or pregnancy, and a lot more

Must have apps 2: Wysa: Stress, sleep, & mindfulness therapy chatbot

There is also an app called Wysa, which has a great AI-based mental health chatbot. You can interact with it and discuss your mental health, which is a unique and useful feature. The chatbot helps reframe your thoughts, talks about your issues (to solve them) and tries to come to a conclusion. Once you open the app, you get two options, self-care or therapist.
The self-care option basically means that the chatbot will suggest some spiritual meditation, mindfulness audios, and other self-help tools to help you overcome your mental health obstacles. The app even offers several tools for coping with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, negativity and other mental or emotional issues. There is a premium self tool kit as well, which offers body scan meditation, compassion meditation, and pacing technique, among others

Must have apps 3: Calm

Calm is one of the most popular apps and is available for both iOS and Android users. The app offers you guided meditations on different aspects of mindfulness, like anxiety, stress, focus, gratitude and sleep. There is a ‘Quick & Easy’ section, which includes options to calm anxiety or anger, and improve awareness and concentration levels. One will also find a Mental Fitness section, which offers different audio files on mindfulness.

So these are the must have apps to keep your head space clear. All these apps do have different paid slabs for various different features which you can check out yourself. But even if you don’t wish to buy the premium version they do have a lot of free mindspace exercises. Do check them out and let me know if this blog did help you to achieve peace!

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