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QAnon: Twitter bans 7000 accounts ( Impressive move )

by Mebin Varghese
qAnon, qAnon conspiracy
qAnon, qAnon twitter
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Twitter bans 7000 accounts over qAnon conspiracy

Twitter revealed Tuesday that it would no longer welcome several accounts promoting the omnipresent right-wing conspiracy theory known as QAnon on its website.

Citing “offline damage” issues , the company clarified that it will begin to handle QAnon content differently on the site, delete related topics from its trending pages and algorithmic recommendations and block any associated URLs. Twitter also said it will permanently remove any previously suspended accounts tweeting regarding this, organize abuse of people, or spread similar content through multiple accounts.

Twitter says the regulation will take effect this week and the company will continue to provide clarity and additional information when it makes policy decisions related to the platforms. According to a Twitter spokeswoman, the firm estimates that its decision will affect 150,000 accounts and that more than 7,000 QAnon-related accounts have already been suspended for violating site abuse laws, preventing a suspension and spam.

QAnon originated in the Trump era, and adherents of the theory typically support the president fervently, making regular appearances at his rallies and other pro-Trump activities. Fans of QAnon assume President Trump is fighting a hidden war against a shadowy group known as the Deep State. In their words, the clandestine war provides many, many clues they believe to be found in messages scattered around anonymous online pages, and indicated by the president himself.

qAnon, qAnon conspiracy
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QAnon is best known for its link to Pizzagate, a bogus scandal that accused Hillary Clinton of ringing out a Washington D.C. sex trafficking. Pizza place. The hypothesis motivated an armed believer to show up at the pizza shop where, while no one was wounded, he shot a gun inside the store.

Although the conspiracy theory is complex, strange, and largely incoherent, it has emerged in many areas in the mainstream. Last week, Ed Mullins, the president of one of the most powerful police unions in New York City, appeared live on Fox News with a mug displaying the QAnon logo in direct camera view.

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