June 18, 2021


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WhatsApp rolls out a small but an important feature

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Unlike earlier times when you could only see the images or the video preview in a miniature format, with the new update you’d be able to view the full image in preview itself.


WhatsApp has introduced a small but handy feature for users. It’s rolling out a new update that brings a bigger view of photos and videos in chats. This feature will display photos and videos sent in chats in a bigger format.

WhatsApp announced the new feature in a tweet with an example of how it works. Photos sent on the app appear cropped, and you have to open it to view the full image. With the new update, the Facebook owned messaging service will display the entire photo within the chat itself so you won’t have to see a cropped version. This applies to videos sent on WhatsApp chats as well.
This isn’t a major of the messaging app feature but it can surely be handy especially for devices with big displays which is the case for most phones these days. WhatsApp rolled out this feature to iOS users last month with the update version 2.21.71 in the App Store. It looks like the feature is now available to all WhatsApp users.

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